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   Chapter 547 The Trump Card

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Jaxon finally opened his mouth to say something to Ricky.

Silence befell the Weapon Casting Department. All eyes were glued to the scene at the square. Everyone knew what the two men were going to do next.

A proposal was made.

Now, they were curious to know whether Ricky would take up this challenge.

"I bet Ricky pre-empted the two men's motivations. Yet, he chose to make the breakthrough in public. He must be very confident." Some disciples were communicating using telepathy.

"You're right. It's possible that this ace genius was just waiting for the two fools to challenge him."

"Now, there's going to be a very fierce competition in weapon casting."

"It makes sense now. Let's see how Jaden and Jaxon are going to stop or even sabotage Ricky's weapon casting career."


"Jaden, Jaxon, would you be kind enough to help me?" Jaxon's words surprised Ricky. He rolled his eyes and said incredulously, "Just a month ago, you lost five million gold coins to me. Have you already forgotten that? Or do I need to help you jog your memory?"

"Of course, I remember that. I have never tried to deny the fact. Five million gold coins means nothing to me. You can consider that money as a generous gift from me. You are like a brother to me and I feel obliged to help you with the weapon casting," Jaxon said curtly with a thin cunning smile on his face.

"Believe it or not, but when you gradually learn more and more from our casting realms, you will surely become a casting master of Spirit Level," Jaxon added.

Ricky could see through his lies and deception. He had just heard Jaden talking to him pompously through the telepathic link, "Ricky, cut the crap. We're here today only to beat you down. How dare you try to cast weapons in public? You little prick! No one can be so bold and fearless!"

"Haha. Jaden, you're so straightforward." Ricky laughed.

Ricky didn't intend on wasting any more of his time. He turned to Jaxon and responded politely, "Your kindness is much appreciated, but I'm afraid you need to prepare the casting materials by yourself."

"We already have that well taken care of," Jaxon replied with a cunning smile across his face.

He then flexed his hands and revealed a storage ring. Two piles of casting materials flew

Level perfectly and quickly. Besides, he does have some extraordinary flames with him. He should be doing this much faster!" Floating in the midair, Cameron asked the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor in a confused tone.

"He knows what he's doing. You will never be able to guess the card in his hand," the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor answered calmly.

"We better wait for the cat to jump out. If anything goes wrong, we'll rescue him as quickly as possible!"

"Yeah! You're damn right." Cameron nodded.


"Humph! I have never seen any casting master melting materials at such an unsatisfactory speed," Jaden said to Ricky contemptuously.

"Haha, Jaden. I'm afraid you're terribly wrong about this. The speed has nothing to do with casting a good weapon," Ricky chuckled and responded. "Besides, if I don't go so slow, how will you guide me into your casting realms?"

Ricky's answer alerted Jaden. He squinted. He understood that Ricky was on to something.

Jaxon also felt that something was not right, but he didn't know what it was. He knew Jaden and Ricky were talking through the telepathic link.

Jaxon and Jaden exchanged a glance and nodded. They seemed to have reached an agreeable stage in the blink of an eye.

Suddenly, they turned over their palms simultaneously and a light gray pill appeared on each of their palms. The two pills gave out a faint fragrance and reached the nostrils of all warriors in the Weapon Casting Department. Everyone felt refreshed by their aroma.

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