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   Chapter 546 Came To Assist You

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"Bro, these guys are ugly and they stir up trouble whenever they can. Should we teach them a lesson?" Soar was enraged at the rumors that were being spread, so he urgently wanted Ricky's permission to do something about it.

"Clam down. I doubt those rumors can really stand up to further scrutiny," Ricky replied with a cold smile.

As he had expected, the rumors died out three days later.

The disciples of the Oriental College were smart people. Although they were weaker than the disciples of the three demi-spiritual emperor forces, they knew that the rumors were lies.

They turned a deaf ear to them, and continued to spend their gold coins for the chance to watch Ricky forging weaponry. They wanted to learn from Ricky's casting realm and try to cultivate some techniques in their own ways.


"Haha, bro, you were right about staying out of things and letting the rumors die out on their own," Soar roared with laughter after hearing the good news about the rumors.

"The disciples here are neither blind nor stupid. Even if they didn't come to see me casting weapons, they would never align themselves with the three demi-spiritual emperor forces. They know that I'm too powerful and too important to piss off," Ricky replied.

"But I'll remember the people who spread the rumors and teach them a lesson in the future," he added.

"Bro, tell me when you do that, and I'll join you," Soar offered enthusiastically.


With that being the case, Ricky spent the next few days forging weapons. Finally, he reached a casting master of Demi-spirit Level, which was the highest level he would ever reach based on his current strength.

He also gained roughly six million gold coins in the month he spent working, which was a great bonus.

That, plus the three million gold coins he got from Jaxon, meant that Ricky and Soar had a total of nine million gold coins. That was enough to pay for their cultivation and learning in the Oriental College.

Ricky wanted to repay the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor with three million gold coins, but his offer was refused.


After he became a casting master of Demi-spirit Level, ascending the Spirit Level was his next immediate target.

During the next five days, Ricky made some adjustments and tried to get everything ready for making weapons of Spiri

the runic power, and then they will start surprise attack," Ricky answered with confidence in his voice.

"If they were to succeed, I would lose my casting spirit," Ricky added, a look of anger crossing his face.

"Bro, if your guess is right, then shouldn't you..." Soar started to say.

"Soar, don't worry. You should have known me better by now. Although I'm just a casting master of Demi-spirit Level, I'm not afraid of any casting masters of Spirit Level when it comes to the casting realm," Ricky interrupted Soar before he could finish speaking.

Ricky's confidence convinced Soar that he had everything under control. Soar's faith in Ricky was absolute and could never be shaken. Besides, he knew that Ricky had achieved some amazing inheritance regarding his weapon casting.

"Soar, wait around here and watch carefully. I'm going to teach those two geniuses a good lesson," Ricky said again, trying to comfort Soar. He didn't want Soar to worry about him.

Meanwhile, two figures pushed their way through the crowd and slowly stepped into the middle of the square. It was Jaxon and Jaden. Everyone could tell it was them by the ruin aura emitting from their bodies.

"Bro, they have arrived. Be careful. If you have any problems, please call Cameron for help," Soar warned Ricky before things got too heated.

"Set your heart at rest. Everything will be fine!"


"Good morning, Ricky. I was told that you would try to become a casting master of Spirit Level today. Congratulations. We have come here to offer our assistance!"

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