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   Chapter 545 The Way to Become Wealthy

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Ricky stayed at Cameron's palace for several days.

Cameron and Kylie were very generous to Ricky. During those days, they told Ricky a lot of things about how to break through from a casting master of Demi-spirit Level to a casting master of Spirit Level, which benefited Ricky a lot.

Ricky was kind to them in return as well. He told them about his own opinions on the four Supreme Skills.

Cameron truly valued Ricky after hearing what he had to say. As a casting master of Demi-spirit Level, Ricky's explanations really benefited him a lot despite the fact that Cameron was a casting master of Demi-sage Level. Wasn't that enough to show Ricky's talent when it came to casting?

As for Kylie, she had been subtly curious about Ricky.

Soar also left during that period. He had the three million gold coins earned from Jaxon, so he was able to go out and practice in the three large cultivation spots in the Oriental College.

In addition, the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor had once come there during those days with the intention of taking Ricky away. According to the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor, Ricky was a rare genius in the world of martial arts. He would definitely be an innate spiritual emperor in the future. There was no need for him to waste his time studying casting. As long as he was strong enough in the future, there would be many casting masters of Demi-sage Level that would want to serve him.

Cameron was definitely in disagreement with the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor's opinion, though. In his opinion, Ricky was very likely to be able to become a genuine casting master of Demi-sage Level one day. By then, even innate spiritual emperors would be willing to serve him.

Cameron and the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor both insisted on their own opinions. They were so adamant that they almost fought with each other.

Fortunately, Ricky promised that he would not give up his martial arts or his studies in casting. They finally reached an agreement after Ricky talked them into it.

Certainly, they disagreed with Ricky at first when they heard that Ricky would not give up either martial arts or casting though. However, considering Ricky's extraordinary talent, they had to eventually agree with Ricky.

After that, Ricky devoted himself to casting under Cameron's close guidance. He was on his way to becoming a casting master of Spirit Level.

With the guidance of Cameron, a casting master of the Demi-sage Level, Ricky had made great progress. Ricky had confidence that he would get the opportunity to become a casting master of Spirit Level within one month.

After the disciples of the Oriental College saw that Cameron was attentively teaching Ricky, the

door to the Weapon Casting Department every time that he started casting. If anyone wanted to come in and have a look, they needed to pay the gold coins according to his new rules.

Meanwhile, Ricky also asked Cameron to help him guard the sky and asked the upper spiritual kings and completed spiritual kings watching from up in the sky to pay gold coins as well.

Ricky originally thought that the amount of disciples watching him cast would decrease a lot because of that, and that many disciples would have complaints. However, things did not go as he had expected. The amount of disciples coming for him did not decrease, and there were no complaints about his new rules.

It was Ricky who overthought it too much. The lower spiritual kings and the middle spiritual kings didn't mind spending 1, 000 gold coins or 3, 000 gold coins to watch him cast. They believed that it was really worth it.

As for the upper spiritual kings and completed spiritual kings, 5, 000 gold coins or 10, 000 gold coins were even less than nothing to them.

In the world of martial arts, where the strong survived and the weak died, people understood that leverage had to be used when one had it. When trouble occurred, the so-called fellow disciples would only care about themselves. It was normal for people to put their own needs first.

As a result, it was reasonable for Ricky to ask for gold coins if they wanted to watch him cast.

Sure enough, after a few sessions, there were comments saying that Ricky was ignoring the brotherhood of the fellow disciples. They said that as an ace genius, he was too demanding. They were mad at Ricky for charging them gold coins just for watching him practice casting.

Ricky clearly knew that the comments were from the disciples of the Bu Clan, the Bing Clan, and the Jiang Clan.

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