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   Chapter 544 Cameron's Decision

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6732

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At that moment, Ricky and his saber caught everyone's attention.

Cameron, a casting master of Demi-sage Level, unexpectedly asked Ricky if he could take a look at his saber and ended up extensively praising it. How did it happen? Why did this happen? But all that just proved Ricky's talent in casting.

'How did Ricky become this talented in casting?' Once again, all the warriors were surprised by what they just witnessed.

"Are we lucky or unlucky to be in the presence of such genius?"

"Maybe we are lucky enough to witness the unprecedented rising of a genius. However, we are definitely being ignored whenever we are with him because all the fortune and praise only go to him."

"I can't believe what I'm seeing. I have never seen Master Cameron this excited. Is the saber that Ricky made really that fantastic?" Kylie said in disbelief the moment she saw Cameron's reaction.

She then took the saber from Cameron to examine it more carefully.

Both confusion and surprise radiated in Kylie's beautiful eyes. She examined only to find that she, a casting master of Spirit Level would end up puzzled by a saber made by a casting master of Demi-spirit Level. What could be the meaning of this?

Moreover, she was unexpectedly enlightened through the mysterious Pounding Skills.

"He truly is a casting genius, no wonder Master Cameron praised him a lot," Kylie sighed and paid more attention to Ricky.

"Sir, you seem to have overpraised me. A mere saber of Demi-spirit Level isn't worth of such admiration," Ricky smiled.

"I do not doubt my judgment at all," Cameron said.

"So what exactly is your purpose in paying the Weapon Casting Department a little visit today?" Cameron asked Ricky as he intended to guide him in his quest to learn casting.

"Sir, I was only here to learn how to be a casting master Spirit Level rather than making any trouble and I can assure you that I didn't expect this kind of situation at all," Ricky explained.

"So you want to be a casting master

y to discuss and explore the different casting skills."

"Master Cameron, I have already met Kylie before. I hope it does not bother her," Ricky smiled.

"Not at all," Kylie said as she smiled smile. She was also a very straightforward woman.

"Ha-ha, Ricky, I guess Cameron's introduction is not very superficial. Maybe he wanted Kylie to be your girlfriend or wife? Ha-ha!" Soar told Ricky with their telepathic link and smiled.

Ricky felt helpless as he heard him.

Actually, not only Soar, but also the other disciples had the same thing in their minds. Kylie was their goddess! They were jealous to hear that she would be in contact with and that they had to communicate regularly.

However, there was nothing they could do but feel jealous.

Of course, Tina was one of them.

"Ha-ha, we should talk more in my palace," Cameron smiled and took Ricky and his friends with him.

Soon afterwards, the news spread all over the whole Oriental College, even reaching the Oriental Realm. The news naturally strengthened the murderous intent of those who already wanted to kill Ricky.

Ricky, an ace genie of martial arts and casting, ignited their murderous intent to grow stronger than ever before.

Right now, more forces took actions secretly as a lot of other forces began to cooperate with one another in private.

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