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   Chapter 543 Cameron And Kylie

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"No, no, no! How is that even possible?" Victor yelled as his eyes widened with rage. There was a hint of madness in his eyes. This was just unbelievable and he was stunned. One could see that he was completely going crazy.

"Ricky! Ricky! I'm going to kill you!" Victor howled before he engaged his cultivation method. He launched an attack on Ricky as he turned his eyes and cast him a murderous gaze.

Ricky's perfect casting performance had frustrated Victor so much that he had become under-confident about his own casting ability. Looking at it this way, it could even be said that Ricky had a hand in destroying his career as a casting master to a certain degree. The loss of his powers was much worse than even taking his life.

But Ricky had not even imagined that this might happen. He never intended to destroy Victor's confidence as in his mind, it wasn't necessary. He had never considered Victor strong enough to be even his stepping stone.

"You are asking for death!" Soar shouted when he noticed Victor was struggling to launch a strike. He immediately appeared in front of Victor and fought to thwart his attack.

As a Great Dragon, Soar had already made great progress during the last three months. He might not have owned the combat power of a middle spiritual king as Ricky did, but he was competent to defeat any lower spiritual king.

Boom! A loud explosion echoed throughout the sky as Soar and Victor who were overwhelmed with rage, collided with each other forcefully. Both of them stepped backward. Soar could not dominate the fight as Victor was a lower spiritual king at his peak condition. This made his power extremely ferocious and strong in the fight.

The next moment, both of them were thrown back. They tried to steady themselves as they slid backwards on the ground from the impact.

"Ricky is still busy casting! You are not allowed to interrupt him," Soar warned coldly as he fixed his eyes on the crazy man.

At the same time, the flame igniting from his body burst out again. Soar was ready for another fight! If Victor was being stubborn and refused to leave, Soar would show no mercy to him.

"Victor, stop it!" Jaxon intervened at that point and called out to stop Victor from acting recklessly.

Although Jaxon was eager to kill Ricky right away, he was also aware that this was not the proper place. Finding fault with Ricky was the worst choice, which was acknowledged by Jaxon. Otherwise, the Jiang Clan would end up with miserable consequences.

Victor didn't dare to not listen

ey looked at her.

Kylie Ye was the last disciple of Cameron Feng. She was not very good at martial arts but she was extremely talented in casting. In the Oriental College, her reputation for casting was like Jasper's reputation in the martial arts.

In addition to her skills, Kylie Ye was easy-going and beautiful. No wonder everyone in the Oriental College liked her.

At that point in time, Kylie Ye was looking at Ricky carefully as if she wanted to read his mind.

Meanwhile, she noticed Tina along with Ricky. Kylie studied Tina carefully and concluded that Tina was extremely graceful and unique. To be honest, Tina might be even better than her.

In spite of her easy-going nature, Kylie Ye felt jealous and a feeling of competitiveness rose in her as she admired Tina's beauty.

Kylie Ye thought to herself, 'She is such a special woman! Is she Ricky's girlfriend?'

"Sir," Ricky greeted Cameron Feng respectfully as he made a slight bow.

He surely recognized who the old man in front of him was. Cameron Feng's reputation preceded him and he enjoyed the same status and honor as the three deputy deans in the Oriental College.

Right then, Ricky took his saber out and handed it over to Cameron Feng.

The moment Cameron Feng took the saber, he immediately began to study it. His old eyes lit up and it looked like he could almost see through Ricky's saber.

"Good! What a perfect work!" Cameron Feng exclaimed as he examined the saber. "This saber is exceptional. It could be considered to be the best weapon among all those weapons of Demi-spirit Level!"

Having heard Cameron Feng's assessment, all the disciples started looking at the saber more carefully.

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