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   Chapter 542 The Casting Genius

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6812

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Ricky had become as popular as Jasper. Everyone was curious to know more about him.

Ricky's every little move was under the scrutiny of powerful warriors.

Everyone in the Oriental College already heard the news of Ricky and Victor's casting competition. It spread like wildfire everywhere.

''Humph! Ace genius? You mean nothing to me!'' Victor sneered at Ricky with contempt.

''Save your shit!'' Ricky replied coldly, his voice filled with impatience. Victor's words didn't seem to penetrate through Ricky's confident aura.

He immediately began selecting the casting materials he wanted to use. With the activation of the Heaven Melting Fire and the Devouring Skill, he started the melting process. Victor was just another nameless pawn for him. Ricky accepted his challenge only because he needed the three million gold coins and the ancient black iron.

Keeping that in mind, Ricky ignored his words. Victor too, realized. Quietly, he also started his melting process.

This competition was his only chance to defeat Ricky, an ace genius. He had already planned how he would humiliate Ricky in front of all the disciples of the Oriental College. He played every moment of it in his head several times.

However, he found it quite surprising that Ricky's melting skills were even more proficient than him. The casting materials quickly melted under the scorching crimson fire released by Ricky.


''He really does know how to cast weapons. This technique is unheard of!'' All the disciples were in disbelief. Even the powerful warriors hidden in the sky was startled. They too, discussed the scene with each other by using their telepathic link.

Jaxon's face darkened. He had a hunch that Ricky had set up a trap for him. To be more accurate, he almost volunteered to be the bait.

'Damn it! How can this bastard cast weapons? Judging by his technique and proficiency, he's incomparable even among the casting masters of Demi-spirit Level, ' Jaxon thought to himself viciously.

However, his anxiety began t

cclaimed as his hands trembled with excitement.

''I have decided to make him my disciple and guide him to comprehend the supreme enlightenment of casting.

How perfect his casting realm is! His gifts for casting is incomparable!" the man went on.


''Damn it! Holy shit!'' Jaxon was furious with Ricky. He murmured curses in a deep voice with resentful eyes.

He tried to disgrace Ricky, but his efforts were in vain. Even before the competition was over, everyone already knew it would be Ricky's victory.

'Go to hell! He must die!' Jaxon clutched his fists tightly. His bosom filled with boundless wrath.

He was so jealous of Ricky's talent for casting weapons. He knew he could not surpass Ricky even if he became a true casting master of Spirit Level in the future. It could be said that Ricky's casting realm was even more perfect than a casting master casting master at the intermediate stage of Spirit Level.

''No!'' Victor suddenly let out a scream.

Distracted by Ricky's attainments in casting, he lost control of his enlightening power and accidentally, knocked down his own casting table.

Nobody could remain calm after witnessing Ricky's casting realm and Victor was no exception. It was a unique method to reach perfection. As a result, Victor lost control of the casting rhythm he had created and failed miserably.

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