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   Chapter 541 Jaxon Jiang

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"Damn!" All the disciples around took a deep breath in awe while giving Ricky an incredulous look.

"Five million gold coins? That's no small amount of money!" Whispered conversations of interest could be heard from among the disciples.

"Five million gold coins is about the full amount of monetary resources that a spiritual-king force has. I wonder if Ricky actually has the money, or if he was just bluffing."

"It doesn't really matter. The fact that he dared to wage five million gold coins clearly indicates that he has the guts to deal with the consequences. Maybe that's the difference between an ace genius and all the ordinary people!"

At that moment, both Soar and Tina were staring at Hardy and Victor with a cold smile on their faces. They knew Ricky's personality better than anyone. No one would be able to take advantage of him. They knew that if Ricky decided to bet against anyone, he would not stop until his opponent was broke.

Both Hardy and Victor looked sullen, as the situation was looking bleak for them.

First of all, they did not have five million gold coins on them. Secondly, even if they had had such money on them, they did not have the courage to put it all up in a wager against Ricky. Last but not least, they were genuinely worried that Ricky might actually know a lot about weapon casting.

"What now? I thought you were the one who started all this. Are you trying to play dead now?" Soar asked with contempt in his voice, stepping up to confront them.

Click-clack! Click-clack!

Hardy and Victor tightened their fists so hard that their fingernails cut into their palms. Their eyes flashed with murderous intent at Soar's taunts. If they could kill with nothing but the power of their will, Ricky would have already dropped dead.


"I would never have thought that Hardy could be put in such an awkward position. After all, it was him and his people who started all this." The disciples around discussed their opinions telepathically with each other.

"You don't say. In the entire Oriental College, Ricky might be the only genius who could make Hardy, a genius from an influential family, look like such a fool."

"If you're chickening out, then stop wasting our time. Be a good boy and just step aside," Ricky said softly with a devilish smile on his face.

"It is only five million gold coins. Call them on that! People will begin to think that the Jiang Clan can't even come up with such small amount of money otherwise. Don't sit there and bring shame to our clan!" a man called out in a flat tone and commanded everyone's attention.

Everyone turned in the direction o

nds on that middle stage spiritual space tool! If I can deliver that to my clan, given my current status, I will definitely become the next leader of the Jiang Clan!' Jaxon Jiang thought to himself.

The way he saw it, that spiritual space tool was already his. He did not care at all about who Ricky was, or what he wanted.

"This is my low stage Heaven-splitting Spear, plus the middle stage spiritual space tool from my brother, they are worth more than five million coins altogether." At that moment, Soar also chipped in for Ricky with his Heaven-splitting Spear.

"Ha-ha, only an ace genius would have the audacity to wage a middle stage spiritual space tool. I still feel the need to warn you that such audacity could cost you everything, though," Jaxon Jiang said as her burst into a fit of laughter.

The way he saw it, Ricky had brought him a precious gift instead of making a wager. Jaxon Jiang was overjoyed by that.

"Haven't you heard the saying that if you have no money, you get no honey? The reason I threw in the middle stage spiritual space tool is because I want your ancient black iron," Ricky replied with a confident smile on his face.

"Now that both parties have shown that they have sufficient money or items for this wager, let's get started with this competition, shall we?" Jaxon Jiang also smiled lightly with matching confidence.

"I can't wait to begin!" Ricky replied.


Instantly the casting square was vacated by everyone for Ricky and Victor, as the same casting material was prepared for the both of them.

At that moment, everyone present felt like someone was watching from the sky. Clearly, the disciples from the Weapon Casting Department were not the only ones who were watching the game closely.

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