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   Chapter 540 Let's Venture Five Million Gold Coins On It

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Ricky's answer left the disciples stunned in silence. With their mouths agape, they stood still as they couldn't peel their eyes off him. For a moment, time was on a pause, and everybody couldn't find the words to say anything out of pure astonishment. But as all of them tried to compose themselves, Ricky stood with pride as he relished the stupefied reactions of the disciples.

As a matter of fact, some of the disciples understood the reason behind Ricky's actions. After all, he was not the kind of person who would spend his time meandering on useless stuff, and the Weapon Casting Department was no place for such entertainment or leisure. However, when they personally heard that Ricky had the ability to cast weapons, most of them refused to believe it.

"You've got to be kidding me. On top of being an ace genius, he is also capable of casting weapons? What kind of a monster is he? At this rate, nobody can beat him in the future anymore," one of the disciples blurted in hushed tones.

The female disciples, however, stared at Ricky with admiration and desire. The fact that he was a casting master, was added on the list of the things he could definitely do. And with this, his charm had just been added a few points in the ladies' eyes. They believed that many warriors could be noted as geniuses, but only a few of them could be as versatile as Ricky.

"Ha-ha, it seems that our ace genius is not only talented in terms of martial arts, but he's also well-versed in making jokes!" A familiar voice barged in the Weapon Casting Department and broke the dumbfounded stillness.

The disciples then brought their attention to the direction of the speaker's voice, including Ricky. Walking out of the department was Hardy, with a group of people trailing behind him. A smug look was plastered on his face. On top of this, he was obviously pleased with the insult that he just gave Ricky.

'Ah, Hardy. No wonder the voice sounds familiar.' Ricky narrowed his eyes and studied Hardy. He started to have a hunch that his visit to the Weapon Casting Department would not sail as smoothly as he intended.

As soon as the people recognized Hardy and his men, the crowd parted into two to make way for them. They all knew that Hardy was here for Ricky. Being aware of their capabilities, the other disciples distanced themselves from them. They knew better than to offend these warriors.

"Jokes? Do you really think I'm kidding about my weapon casting skills? Why don't we have at it at a fair competition then, so you can witness my expertise firsthand? Only then will you realize that I'm not joking," Ricky provoked with a sneer, his ferocious gaze never left Hardy.

"Good. How about a competition of pill refining?" Taken aback by Ricky's confidence, Hardy sounded unsure and apprehensive.

"Pill refining? Now you are the one joking with me, aren't you? I think we were talking about weapon casting, dude," Ricky protested, his eyes filled with scorn.

Hardy bit his lip as he was bombarded with Ricky's sharp questions. For a while, he was dumbstruck as his mouth failed to utter any words.

As the two of them were having a heated discussion and were both ready to pounce at each other at any moment, a young man stealthily appeared behind Hardy. His facial features were wicked, and had this sly look in his eyes that could never be trusted. He sneaked behind Tina and ogled at her lasciviously. The moment he laid eyes on this beautiful woman, he had completely forgotten the tense situation they were in. He plucked at Tina's dress and lustfully mentioned, "Nice to meet you, bird. May I have your name?"

"Don't you dare touch her!" Before this lewd person could even make a move on Tina, a loud voice boomed with rage. A flaming punch brok


"Did you actually mean a competition of weapon casting?" Ricky asked again, stressing every syllable before Victor Jiang answered him.

"Did you hear him? He can't be serious! Victor's brother is Jaxon, the famous casting master of Demi-spirit Level. He is the best in his field, and only a fool would dare try to challenge them. Few people could match him when it comes to weapon casting! He may be talented but this Ricky is way over his head!" Whispers from the disciples could be heard once again.

"Well, is it possible that Ricky's also a casting master of Demi-spirit Level? If so, that would make it a fair battle," another one of the disciples reasoned out.

"Whatever it is, we will know soon enough." After a round of discussion, all the disciples held their breath and watched how things were going to unfold.

"You heard me right. Are you deaf or what? Don't tell me you don't have the guts," Victor Jiang goaded on Ricky, his voice heavy.

He had to admit that he was no match for Ricky in terms of martial arts, but if it were casting skills they were talking about, he thought that he could easily overpower Ricky without even breaking a sweat. He could put Ricky to rot with his casting skills and humiliate this so-called ace genius in public, especially in front of that beauty in red, who Ricky kept off of him.

"Alas!" Ricky exclaimed as he shook his head at Victor Jiang's words.

"What? Do you have any plans on retreating?" Victor Jiang was much too complacent in this upcoming match. He stood tall when he heard Ricky sigh.

"No, you misunderstood me. I actually feel sorry for you. I hate to say it, but you will lose most badly if you accept my challenge. You're just going to make a fool of yourself, dude," Ricky nonchalantly mentioned, pretending like he really cared about Victor Jiang's reputation.

"You arrogant bastard!" Hardy was filled with disdain but he did his best to contain his anger, as he carefully tried not to start another unnecessary fight.

"You will eventually know whether I'm talking wildly or simply telling the truth. But it's a bit boring to compete for nothing, don't you think? How about we add some spice to the game?" Ricky suggested coolly.

"What are you playing at?" Hardy seethed.

"Let's see. How about we bet on the game? It won't be much. We are mates from the same college, after all. Let's do it just for fun. How about we wager five million gold coins? But it would still depend on you guys," Ricky urged casually.

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