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   Chapter 539 The Weapon Casting Department

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 10118

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"Ha-ha, I am glad to hear that my last skill didn't disappoint you," Ricky said with a laugh as he heard Terrence's approval. "However, I believe you didn't show me your best skill while we were battling. Since you are a spiritual king beast, your real strength and fighting capacity could only show themselves once you unveil your beast body!"

"Well, in terms of real strength, it seems to me that you also haven't shown me your true potential!" Terrence argued back calmly.

"Ha-ha!" Ricky just smiled and said nothing.

"Well then, the people who will go to the Eastern Realm of Wildness in about half a year from now have been determined. We will see you again when the time comes. Of course, you two crazy fighters can challenge each other at any time you wished," Jasper said with a smile.

He was glad that the two crazy fighters recognized each other and were able to establish a healthy kind of friendship. Otherwise, as their mutual friend, he would've been caught in a dilemma.

After talking to Terrence for a while, Ricky and Soar gave their goodbyes and left Terrence's training place to return to their own cave.

Madeline had taken the two sisters Yedda and Yolanda to the Saber Hall, the ruling area of Scar. It was a good chance for them to conduct training outdoors. Under Scar's protection, Ricky believed that the two sisters would not be caught in any danger.

As for their upcoming adventure at the Land of Legacy in the Eastern Realm of Wildness in about half a year, the three women did not intend to take any part of it because within that time period, their strengths wouldn't achieve the needed improvements to be able to qualify and join the competition.

Not having the right qualifications to enter the Land of Legacy was a great pity for them. However, they were quite excited for Ricky and Soar to have such a great opportunity. When the two men had promised them that if it was possible, they would bring them the Enlightening Fruit and the Glazed Fruit at the fourth level, and they grew even more excited.

"Ricky, since you decided not to go out for training, what do you plan on doing next?" Soar asked the moment they got back in their cave.

"Well, I plan to focus on weapon casting. With the time we have left before the quest, I am determined to not only become a casting master at the Spirit Level, but also to be able to recast my Iron Destroyer," Ricky said firmly.

After reaching a casting master at the Spirit Level, Ricky believed that he could further improve his saber light to saber intent. And only by that, he would be able to achieve a better fusion with the various runic powers in his body and burst forth much more intimidating force.

Of course, there was another reason behind this plan and it was to earn more money. Practicing at the three cultivation places in the Oriental College could consume a lot of gold coins. He was currently running out of money, so he thought maybe he could earn quite a lot of money by casting more weapons and selli

loudly once they entered the Department.

The ideal realm in weapon casting was conducive to a warrior's insights. Thus, apart from the disciples of the Weapon Casting Department, many warriors of other departments also come here to feel the ideal realm in hopes of improving their insights into the martial arts. It was the reason why so many disciples were standing outside the Weapon Casting Department when Ricky arrived.

At that moment, the disciples from the inner square of the Weapon Casting Department were all casting masters at the advanced Mortal Level or the Demi-spirit Level, and none of them was at the Spirit Level.

The arrival of Ricky and his two companions naturally attracted their full attention. After all, Ricky's reputation was no inferior to that of Jasper within the Oriental College.

Thus, they also began talking to one another the moment they saw him. Some of them were talking about Ricky while some of them were more interested in Tina.

Although Tina was merely a demi-immortal, her temperament was so superior that other female disciples of the Oriental College could only dream to exceed her. It could also be said that she was the woman with the best temperament they have ever seen.

"Who is that woman right next to Ricky?"

"Who knows? Her temperament is so superior so I'm guessing she's not just Ricky's maid!" said a discerning disciple.

"Ricky, may I ask you why you have come to our Weapon Casting Department?" a beautiful female disciple asked after she gathered her courage to ask. Her voice gradually faded before she finished her words. After that, she immediately hid among the crowd.

Apparently, Ricky's impressive battle with Ray also helped him win the admiration of many young female disciples.

When Ricky heard of the inquiry, a smirk raised at the corner of his mouth. He then looked around, smiled slightly, and said, "Since I have come to the Weapon Casting Department, I would naturally want to learn more about weapon casting skills."

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