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   Chapter 538 Unrivaled Sword Versus Six-flame Fist

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7566

Updated: 2019-11-18 03:02

Ricky's combat power was visibly emitting from his body. It was evident how eager he was to fight.

"Jasper, you know, we are all warriors and we make friends through swapping our skills. I am willing to take up the gauntlet thrown down by Terrence," Ricky said as the Golden Enlightenment was gushing out of his body. "Besides, even if Terrence hasn't thrown down the gauntlet, I will take it in any case!"

"Ricky, this task is right up my alley! You have already earned half my respect. Now, I want to see your real combat power. Don't pull any punches and lame tricks. Go ahead, impress me." Terrence sounded utterly cold and brutal.

Terrence was always impersonal, reserved and clinical in approach. His face never gave away his fears or pleasures. As a living creature who practiced the sword skill, that was one of the greatest traits one could acquire. When the Endless Shadow was in its heyday, most of its assassins were very much alike, mastering the art of a dead face.

"You can be sure of it! I won't let you down," Ricky replied enthusiastically.

"Ricky, you look like a war maniac." Jasper was surprised with Ricky's booming confidence. "I can't wait any longer!"

With those final words, Jasper and Soar took ten steps back, giving way to an open fighting space for Ricky and Terrence.

"Terrence, remember, this is a swap of martial arts, not a battle of life and death. You two must pull your punches before causing each other any serious injury," Jasper reminded.

Jasper knew Terrence fairly well. Terrence never pulled his punches when he was fighting with a warrior, no matter who it was.

"There is no sense in fighting if we pull our punches. Besides, you two are our guardian angels here." Jasper did not have any words for Terrance's comeback.

"Okay!" Jasper shook his head and sighed. He prepared himself to swiftly slide in at any moment to stop them. Protecting them was his first and foremost agenda.


Boom! Boom!

Another moment later, Ricky and Terrence simultaneously exuded an aura of powerful authority and radiated confidence. They were so happy to finally fight that it was evident in their cheerfulness.

It seemed like Terrence's aura was much more powerful than that of Ricky. Moreover, wit

mboozled so easily! Soar is just messing with him, ' Ricky thought to himself, listening to their conversation.

Of course, his focus was on Terrence.

The first level of Ultimate Golden Body was the best defense for Ricky. For now, he had decided to attack with his fists.

"Terrence, you have the Unrivaled Sword and I have the Six-flame Fist. Now, let's battle and see which weapon is more powerful."

Crackle! With that, Ricky's golden body began spewing six types of fire––the Devouring Fire, the Massacring Fire, the Gale Fire, the Heaven Slaughtering Fire, the Heaven Melting Fire and the Ruin Fire.

A second later, the devouring runes filled the air once again and turned into six fire flowers. Their petals expanded in the devouring runes and mixed with different types of fire.

Boom! Boom!

In that moment, they all saw a huge black sword in mid-air, colliding with Ricky's Six-flame Fist. It could burn and destroy everything on earth.

In the blink of an eye, an intense light flashed in the center of the collision and shock waves engulfed everything.

All the trees and grass in this small valley broke into a million burning pieces and soon turned to ashes.

What a fierce collision! It lasted for several minutes.

Five minutes later, when the shock waves dissipated, two figures appeared.

"Ricky, as your friend, I believe you are worth communicating with! The experience has been truly exceptional," Terrence uttered in a cold but clear voice. He really meant it.

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