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   Chapter 537 An Aggressive Fighter

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"Oh? Who is that anyway? I'm very curious to know," Ricky asked curiously upon hearing Jasper's words.

Jasper was a peerless genius who had very high standards for appreciating other warriors. Thus, he only appreciated and looked up to only a few of them. But hearing that Japer was going to introduce another warrior to him, Ricky was sure that this certain person must be powerful enough to even be introduced by Jasper. This was because he knew that Jasper would never introduce anyone weak to him, not now, not ever.

"Chill out. You'll know when you see him in person. And aside from that, I can assure you one thing: this one would never refuse you if you throw down a challenge at him," Jasper replied in a tone of fact.

"Hmm...I'm getting curious by the minute and I'm starting to look forward to meeting him as soon as possible," Ricky said with eagerness wrapped on his smiling face.

Not long after, Ricky, Soar, and Jasper headed to their destination.

But as they talked and laughed happily along the way, numerous disciples of the Oriental College who saw them gossiped about them secretly.

"No way! How could Jasper, a peerless genius, and Ricky, an ace genius, get along pretty well? I can't believe this! They don't even look like they are rivals at all!"

"You are right! Maybe this probably happens between them only. They must have put a great value at the chance to meet each other. Otherwise, they would not have become friends at all."

"Although Jasper is a little bit arrogant and aggressive, he has always been nice to us. He is always so kind and pleasant to us when we see him."

"Yes. And now that they are friends, I think that Ricky must be as kind as Jasper! If possible, I even believe that we can try to get closer to him. After all, he is an ace genius. Oh, this is so exciting, and I just can't wait!"

But some other disciples did not share the same excitement with them as some disciples showed resentful looks when they saw Ricky and Jasper were getting along pretty well. This was no surprise. After all, these were the warriors from the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce.

Never had they ever imagined that Ricky and Jasper would become friends. After all, a nation couldn't have two queens. But based on what they just saw, it seemed that they were just getting on well.

'Damn it! How is it possible for them to become friends? They were supposed to be rivals! How could they get along so peacefully?' those disciples cursed inwardly as they hated the fact that the two had become friends.

Meanwhile, Ricky, Soar, and Jasper had already arrived at a small canyon located in the territory of the Oriental College. Many trees with sword-shaped leaves inside the small canyon made the whole area very unpleasing to their eyes.

The moment they entered the canyon, Ricky had already sensed a strong cold and murderous intent emitting from those sword-shaped leaves that

iddle spiritual king! There is no more perfect time than this to have a fight with you," Terrence Feng said directly. His cockiness only proved Ricky's assumption. Terrence Feng then continued, "I have two reasons for doing this. One, is that I want to fight with you.

While the other one is that I think it is necessary for me to test how strong you are in person. I'm not sure if you are strong enough to go with me six months from now unless we fight this out. Don't worry, I only care about your strength. You being an ace genius or not is not what I care about."

"Hey, Terrence, don't you think this is not a good time to test Ricky's ability? He had Ray on the ropes once. And I think that his victory is enough to prove that he is very strong," Jasper said as he tried to mediate the impending fight.

"Humph! Although Ray ranked higher than me, do you really think I consider him to be a match for me?" Terrence Feng asked upon hearing what Jasper had to say.

'Oh my, Terrence is a little bit aggressive! But I think he will be a good friend of mine. Nothing I can't handle, ' Ricky thought upon hearing Terrence Feng's arrogant claim. But he did not clam back to his shell. Immediately, Ricky also released his combat power. Now that Terrence Feng did not consider Ray as a powerful rival, it meant that he must be really strong. This only made Ricky more than pleased to fight against such a powerful fighter.

"I, of course, know how strong you are! But don't you think it's a little bit awkward for you to fight now? I mean, come on, this is your first time to meet," Jasper said in a helpless tone as he wanted to stop the fight.

This moment was way beyond his imagination. Never had Jasper anticipated that Terrence Feng would demand a fight with Ricky before they could even talk for a few more moments and get to know each other. It seemed that Terrence Feng was more passionate about fighting than Jasper had remembered.

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