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   Chapter 536 A Chance To Find The Massacring Soil

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Updated: 2019-11-18 03:02

"Ricky, Soar, there is a lot of yellow sand in the Eastern Realm of Wildness. As long as the huge Land of Legacy appears, it will bring a lot of Massacring Sand with it," Jasper told them.

"Massacring Sand!" Ricky and Soar were surprised and shocked at the revelation.

The Massacring Sand was the hardest type of sand in the world. The spiritual kings, the spiritual emperors, and even the strong warriors above the Emperor Level were looking for it.

It was very difficult for them to look for it, because the Massacring Sand was very rare.

"The Massacring Sand is really the hardest sand in the world. It can be used to cultivate items or make the hardest weapons. It is even more useful for warriors who are cultivating the golden power," Jasper explained.

"Ricky, you are cultivating the golden power, so I think that you must know the value of the Massacring sand."

"That is right! The Massacring Sand is a priceless treasure to creatures who are cultivating the golden power like me." Ricky nodded. "It also still a priceless treasure for creatures that are not cultivating the golden power.

That is because the Massacring Sand contains enlightening power, ruling power, and a kind of mysterious power that is much stronger than ruling power."

"So, all the warriors who know about it want to find the Massacring Sand in the Land of Legacy. That is why all the different forces want to go to the Land of Legacy," Jasper explained patiently.

At that point in time, Ricky couldn't wait to begin looking for the Massacring Sand.

The Massacring Sand was not as hard as the Massacring Soil, but it was still the hardest sand in the world. It contained the Massacring Origin. If Ricky was able to combine his Source of the Golden Body power with the Massacring Sand, his Source of the Golden Body would become much stronger.

'I must find the Massacring Sand; my Ultimate Golden Body will be improved a lot once I do, ' Ricky thought to himself with great confidence.

"I also have a secret, though. If you can figure it out, you will be very happy," Jasper added with a smile. Ricky could tell that Jasper was very excited.

"What is the secret?" Ricky couldn't wait to hear the answer from Jasper.

"Some Massacring Sand could help us make the Massacring Soil," Ja

l you about it so early on because you must improve your strength before we go. After all, you are a middle spiritual king level just now, but that is not enough to go to the Land of Legacy," Jasper said with a serious look in his eye.

"If you want to gain the Enlightening Fruit, the Glazed Fruit, and the Massacring Sand, you must be stronger than the other middle spiritual kings there. As far as I can tell, half a year should be enough for you to improve your strength."

"Jasper, thank you for your suggestion. I will try my best!" Ricky nodded.

"In next half a year, you had better stay in the college to cultivate. There are many enemies who want to kill you outside the college," Jasper advised. "You may end up feeling bored, but your safety is more important.

After half a year, there will be a lot of battles for you to partake in, so don't worry! I'm sure that you will become an even greater warrior in time." Jasper smiled. He was very kind to Ricky.

"It looks like I have to stay at the college for half a year." Ricky was a little upset after he learned he couldn't leave the college.

He would be very bored if he stayed in the college to cultivate for half a year. After all, he liked fighting whenever he could.

"Ha-ha, if you feel bored, I can introduce you to a warrior who is also crazy about fighting. You can have a nice spar against him." As Jasper had expected, Ricky was resistant to staying at the college. Jasper knew it was time to introduce the mysterious warrior he knew to Ricky.

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