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   Chapter 534 The End

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The man who had followed the Old Oriental Emperor appeared in front of the Luxurious Emperor. The man was once the Evil Demi-spiritual Emperor, and currently he was facing the Luxurious Emperor directly.

"Don't act impulsively!" the Oriental Emperor said.

"Ha-ha. I haven't seen you in years, and it doesn't surprise me at all that you're still so cautious. You haven't changed one bit. Just calm down. I am no longer the Evil Demi-spiritual Emperor. I am now, the Evil Emperor," the Evil Emperor said with a wicked grin on his face.

"The Evil Emperor!" The awestruck warriors stood there, rooted to the ground, gazing at the Evil Emperor in disbelief.

"He has finally become a spiritual emperor! Once upon a time, he had the greatest potential to reach the Emperor Level among all the demi-spiritual emperors of the Oriental Realm. Now, we know that he didn't just disappeared over the past few decades. He left to seek something more...the way to become a spiritual emperor!" one of the demi-spiritual emperors exclaimed while the others stared.

In terms of age, the Evil Emperor was junior to them. But, his achievements were much greater than theirs.

"You..." The Oriental Emperor was also taken aback. He had mixed feelings about the Evil Emperor. He was unsure of so many things and right when he was going to speak, something shocking happened.

Boom! Boom! The power of the Evil Emperor had spread around the whole area. A tremendously robust ruling power exploded instantly, indicating the evil rule along with killing power.

"That's the ruling power! He really is an innate spiritual emperor!" Even the Luxurious Emperor couldn't contain his disbelief. But it had to be true; he too, had felt the genuine ruling power.

"I remember you, Luxurious Emperor! It seems that you've been unkind to our Oriental College from the very beginning. Now, you have finally revealed your intentions to kill the disciple of the Oriental College. How dare you!" the Evil Emperor sneered. His eyes sparkled with hostility and satanic pleasure.

"There was nothing I could do to you then. But now, I am better than you, in every aspect. Do you dare to fight with me? Come on!" The Evil Emperor jumped into the air as an invitation to the battlefield and promptly disappeared.

"You are merely an immature and arrogant junior. You don't scare me," the Luxurious Emperor said coldly, growing angrier by the Evil Emperor's words. Murderous desire grew in him to the point when he cou

h life-or-death situations. One needs to feel grave danger in order to learn how to survive it," Ricky said.

"But if you leave, anyone will be able to attack you!" Soar said worriedly.

"I know that. But how can I improve myself without practicing outside? It is a crucial step for further growth," Ricky said. "I will not choose to stay in the college because of the possible dangers outside. I can't keep hiding in a safe place. I need to overcome them and live free."

"Okay! Now that you have made up your mind, I will go with you!" Soar said.

"We will go with you, too!" Yedda and Yolanda said, looking at Ricky. He could tell they were slightly scared.

"Yedda and Yolanda, you'd better stay here with Madeline. It is really too dangerous for you to stay with me under these circumstances. I don't want to put you in that position," Ricky said.

The two sisters were naturally unhappy on hearing Ricky's words. However, they didn't object, knowing very well that they could be a burden on Ricky if they insisted on going with him. They weren't prepared to be on their own as yet.

"How about you, Madeline?" Ricky asked.

"I'm going back to the Saber Hall, Ricky," Madeline answered.

"Okay! Please take good care of Yedda and Yolanda!" Ricky said.

"Don't worry about them. No harm will ever come to your two little ladies," Madeline reassured him.

The two sisters felt shy on hearing that. Meanwhile, the feeling of helplessness grew in Ricky.

"Ricky, it's Jasper. Can I come in?" As they pondered further, a majestic voice came from outside the cave. Before Ricky could formulate a response, a figure appeared in the cave.

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