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   Chapter 533 Two Spiritual Emperors That Came Back

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8012

Updated: 2019-11-17 00:15

When the Star Emperor had finished talking, everyone remained silent. The three spiritual emperors were waiting to hear the Oriental Emperor's reply.

That was because they didn't want to fight against the Oriental Emperor, even if they were all spiritual emperors. If the Oriental Emperor tried his best in the fight, one of them might be hurt badly or even end up dead.

They still believed that the Oriental Emperor would agree with them though.

Though Ricky was an ace genius, he still had a long way to go. And there was a peerless genius, Jasper, in the Oriental College, and he was going to grow strong enough soon. So they believed that the Oriental Emperor would not choose to protect Ricky at the cost of the Oriental College.

"Sir, give me to them. Don't worry. I have a plan to escape," Ricky said to the Oriental Emperor using the telepathic link. He knew that the Oriental Emperor was being faced with a dilemma.

"It is not the time to make a joke. How will you escape? Do you think that I can't protect you?" the Oriental Emperor replied in a cold tone as he heard what Ricky said.

"Sir, I just don't want to see..."

"Step back! I will deal with it." The Oriental Emperor sent a message to Ricky when Ricky didn't finish speaking. Then, he turned away from Ricky and turned to face the three spiritual emperors with a cold and stern expression on his face.

"Maybe, you are right. But if I, the Oriental Emperor, give my disciple to you, the Oriental College will be only an empty title and not a real sanctuary of learning. So, I won't be making any deals with you."

When the three spiritual emperors heard what the Oriental Emperor said, they were all shocked. That was because they didn't expect that the Oriental Emperor would refuse them. In the next moment, they looked at each other. It looked like they were discussing things using their internal telepathic powers.

At that time, all the onlookers were surprised and shocked by what was happening, because they didn't think that the Oriental Emperor would refuse the three spiritual emperors either.

All the disciples felt a warm feeling in their chest, because they were proud of their college.

If they got into trouble, their college wouldn't give up on them either.

"It seems that these three spiritual emperors are embarrassed. They didn't believe that the Oriental Emperor would turn them

ss. I have seen many strong spiritual emperors, but it's obvious that he is a very strong spiritual emperor. Maybe you don't need to run away now," Tina suggested hopefully as she turned to Ricky.

"I agree with you. The old man is very strong, so I am very lucky," Ricky said with an excited expression on his face. After all, he didn't want to leave the Oriental College.

He would be able to become stronger quickly there.

"Very good! I'm glad that so many people still remember me!" the Old Oriental Emperor said with a smile as he looked out on the disciples.

As he smiled, he also watched the Luxurious Emperor's and other two spiritual emperors' faces. He said in a lazy tone, "What are you doing here? Do you want to hurt my disciples?"

"Sir, we wouldn't dare to do that," the Bright Emperor replied in a respectful voice. He didn't want to fight against the Old Oriental Emperor.

"I just got here, and I am in a mood to celebrate. Now that you won't hurt my disciples, you may either leave now, or stay to celebrate with us," the Old Oriental Emperor said with a smile.

"Sir, I respect you very much, but we are here to kill Ricky today." The Luxurious Emperor was not willing to give up on killing Ricky.

"Ha-ha! If you are really unwilling to go back, let's have a fight now!" the Old Oriental Emperor said. Next, he flew towards the Luxurious Emperor at a leisurely pace.

"Ha-ha, old guy, let me go and fight against them. I have been focused on with our journey for too long, so I need to get some exercise." A lazy voice called out abruptly at that point.

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