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   Chapter 532 The Pressing Situation

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7198

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''What? Unfair?'' The Luxurious Emperor sneered. ''Are you kidding me? There is no such thing as justice in this world. We all live by the law of the jungle! How can a spiritual emperor be so naive?"

''I'll tell you what—justice does exist in the eyes of the Oriental College, whether you want to admit it or not, '' the Oriental Emperor replied coldly.

''Really? Their battle of life and death has already begun. If you disobey the rules and interfere in this battle, the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce will not just sit idly by twiddling our thumbs, '' the Luxurious Emperor snorted, ready to fight with the Oriental Emperor at any moment.

''Will the three spiritual emperors get into a fight?'' The surrounding creatures looked at each other, their eyes filled with disbelief.

''It's probable, I think. If you were the Luxurious Emperor, and the Oriental College had a peerless genius and an ace genius under their control, what would you do?''

''I can see what you mean. Maybe that is also the reason why the Bright Emperor and the Luxurious Emperor ganged up on Ricky.''

''I believe you already have the answer as to why we have teamed up. So, make your choice now. Only one of those two geniuses can survive.'' The Bright Emperor easily confessed what his intentions were.

'I am at their mercy just because they are spiritual emperors and have so much power, ' Ricky thought to himself in indignation, clenching his fists tightly.

''I believe in you, Ricky. You will be able to surpass them in less than ten years, and they will pay for their insolence when that day comes, '' Tina said, trying to cheer Ricky up.

Tina was born to a substantial family with strong men in it, so she understood the powerful potential of an ace genius. After spending time with Ricky for a long time, she had developed confidence in Ricky.

''I'd never abandon any of my disciples from the Oriental College. If you want to take their lives, you have to defeat me first, '' the Oriental Emperor said, gathering up his ruling power.

''Maybe I will lose the fight today and the Oriental College will be dismissed. If I am able to escape, then I

sion.'' Some of the warriors around them gossiped with each other.

''Three spiritual emperors! How can the Oriental Emperor fight all of them together? He's really in danger now.''

When the Star Emperor showed up, the Oriental Emperor became even more serious.

The Bright Emperor was also surprised by the appearance of the Star Emperor. He grew confident in taking down the Oriental Emperor after the Star Emperor appeared.

Under those circumstances, he believed the Oriental Emperor would make the right choice.

'Three spiritual emperors all want to take my life. That's ironic, ' Ricky thought to himself.

Meanwhile, he knew that he had to leave, or the whole Oriental College would be doomed. He had never expect that his talent was something that people would be so envious that it would make three spiritual emperors gang up on him.

"Prepare to enter the Chaotic Fire Zone, Soar. It's our only choice," Ricky secretly informed Soar, using their telepathic link.

"Roger that," Soar immediately replied.

As for Madeline, Yedda, and Yolanda, Ricky did not plan to take them with him because they would be more safe staying there.

''I'm here, Oriental Emperor. I hope you will not be upset at me for it. It's actually a very simple thing. Sacrifice one life, then we will still be able to live in peace with each other," the Star Emperor said evenly.

His words were still very threatening, however.

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