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   Chapter 531 The Spiritual Emperors Make Bold Moves

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All the warriors who heard the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor's speech finally figured out what had happened.

Ray had exuded such tremendous and intimidating aura that even the completed spiritual kings felt uneasy as they felt it reach their bones. But as it turned out, the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce had fused the force of a demi-spiritual emperor mutant with Ray.

The force possessed by a demi-spiritual emperor's mutant had the force of demi-ruling power. It was no surprise that the completed spiritual kings would be troubled by this.

On the other hand, the warriors found everything quite unbelievable. Their minds reeled, unable to comprehend the revelation in front of them. They lamented over the ruthlessness of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce. A warrior who wanted to fuse with the force of a demi-spiritual emperor's mutant had to be a completed spiritual king. Otherwise, the force could seriously damage the warrior.

In that span of time, Ray made a thunderous blow with his fusion of the force of the demi-spiritual's mutant. However, strong as he was, he was not immune from the counterattack force.

The force contained in his body was too much for Ray. He could not withstand the force for long periods of time. Once his fight with Ricky ended, his meridians would be broken, or worse—he might be paralyzed.

In that case, if Ray could not get enough Treasures from Heaven and Earth or a valuable encounter in a short time, his journey to the world of martial arts would definitely end.

So even if he had the chance to kill Ricky in this competition, Ray's future had no bright future.

"The Luxurious Chamber of Commerce is callous and heartless!" most of the warriors cried out as they felt the brutality and savagery of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce.

"The Luxurious Chamber of Commerce is ruthlessly cruel. It doesn't matter to them if they traded ten lives of Ray for Ricky's life because Ricky has substantial untapped potential while Ray has very little," the leaders from other forces expressed through their telepathic link.

"True. This was probably what the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce initially intended!"

"You really went so far as to fuse the force of a demi-spiritual emperor's mutant. Seems like the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce is very determined to wipe me out," Ricky hissed in a hushed tone.

"Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor, you are familiar with the rules of the world of martial arts, yes? Since Ray has fused the force of a demi-spiritual emperor's mutant, then the force belongs to him. Once a life-and-death battle has been fixed, no one has the right to move in to help the weaker side. How could you consider it an unfair battle

seeing him. There was no doubt that the man was none other than the Luxurious Emperor, leader of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce.

It was possible that the middle-aged man in a golden robe was a helper invited by the Luxurious Emperor.

"That person could be the Bright Emperor––the emperor of the Desolate Empire in the Eastern Realm of Wildness!" The completed spiritual kings were left dumbfounded as they cried in disbelief and surprise.

"Indeed! He is the Bright Emperor from the Desolate Empire!"

"It's surprising that a battle between two juniors could make three spiritual emperors appear!" The audience dramatically exclaimed. All the warriors couldn't contain their astonishment from the unexpected turn of events.

The spiritual emperors' identities had been shrouded in mystery for the longest time possible. They hadn't seen the emperors for decades, and now, three spiritual emperors graced them with their presence all the same time. To say that they were thrilled and excited would be an understatement.

"The real spiritual emperors re-emerged today! Is my talent really this considerable?" Ricky said to himself in confusion.

"It's no surprise that the spiritual emperors decided to do something to have your control. Your talent has been heard of and feared in this land and made it all the way to the Middle Land," Tina explained to Ricky.

"In that case, then I should lie low and keep a low profile, so trouble will not find me in the future. I sort of expected that showcasing my talent would attract great importance to myself. Unfortunately, it has only invited trouble and courting disaster thus far," Ricky sighed.

"Luxurious Emperor, it isn't a fair fight as your disciple have used some force that does not belong to him," the Oriental Emperor strongly argued.

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