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   Chapter 530 Ray's Trump Card

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With a crashing noise, Ray's Triple Deadly Doors and Ricky's Gale Strike collided mid-air.

On impact, the Triple Deadly Doors fused to ear-splitting screams of evil spirits, which released the most erosive and deadly power of Death Enlightenment.

At the same time, Ricky's Gale Strike was changing when an endless stream of gale runes popped up everywhere in the air. The four fang-like blades formed by the Gale Strike became more illusory but also materialized.

In other words, Ricky's Gale Strike had been turned into two kinds of contradictory force. One was nothingness, while the other was solidity. The force of solidity collided with the Triple Deadly Doors, while the force of nothingness turned into transparent power, passed through the Triple Deadly Doors, carried the mirage and smashed into Ray's body the moment Ray burst out huge momentum.

Only strong demi-spiritual emperors could detect Ricky's double-pronged attack, and they became amazed.

'That's one hell of a skill! It is so profound. It actually produces two kinds of opposite force—nothingness and solidity, ' they wondered, seeing how profound Ricky's skill was. The double-pronged attack was so powerful and mysterious that they realized they had underestimated him all along.

"No, no! After being attacked by the two kinds of force, Ray is very likely to lose!" The three demi-spiritual emperors of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce got seriously concerned. They had expected this to be a real baptism of fire for Ricky. But instead, things were quickly going south for Ray.

"From the look of it, Ray may have to pull his trump card right now," one of the demi-spiritual emperors said, unable to help. The only consolation was that they had made a fall-back plan for Ray as they couldn't underestimate Ricky.

While they discussed, they eagerly watched the fight, hoping for a result in favor of their camp.

Except for the few demi-spiritual emperors, who were watching from high in the air, no one else could see Ricky's twofold powers. So, everyone apart from the demi-spiritual emperors only saw the collision of the Triple Deadly Doors and the Gale Strike.

Meanwhile, Ray had felt the impact of Ricky's invisible force—the nothingness.

In response, Ray instinctively tried to fight back, but even his best effort was ineffective. The invisible power of nothingness left him virtually defenseless. Panic quickly set in.

Images of the most heartbreaking experiences from the past began to flash in his mind, like a creepy movie scene. Those disturbing recollections made him change his mind.

The images didn't last, but he had a light bulb moment, right after.

From that transient recollection, he knew that if he conce

ew burst of energy that had raised him up.

Once again, everyone watched with bated breath. Even some of the completed spiritual kings sensed a new wave of danger.

The fierce face that Ray made was enough to send shivers down the spine of anyone watching from the sidelines.

"Ha-ha, you want to kill me? You still have a long way to go. A very long way!" Ray gloated. The way he glared at Ricky, you'd be forgiven for thinking his murderous, piercing eyes were those of the devil from hell.

Mocking, he broke into an ecstatic fit of laughter. Real, hard chuckle, you'd think someone had cracked a hella knee-slapping joke. Suddenly, the momentum and power that surrounded him erupted, turning into air ripples and directly sweeping around.

The first target of his attack was Ricky, and indeed the ripples of the blast hit him. There was hardly any time for Ricky to dodge or block. Under the force of the assault, he stumbled back several meters before he fell, his chest feeling heavy. His mouth tasted of blood and sand. That single blast of Ray's trump card appeared to be winning.

The disciples who were up-close also took a hit. The few lucky ones were set back a few meters, but some sustained injuries.

" can Ray break out of such a powerful force!" someone uttered. There was no explaining how Ray had recovered, to the point of pulling off such a powerful counterattack.

Even several of the demi-spiritual emperors in the sky were left guessing what kind of power Ray was using.

"Tonino, your camp has gone too far! How on earth did you allow Ray to use a demi-spiritual emperor's mutant? That's so unfair. Oriental College will not accept such blatant cheating. Never!" the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor snarled. Easily, he uncovered the fraudulent trump card Ray had used.

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