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   Chapter 529 Deadly Doors

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Covered by the first level of Ultimate Golden Body, Ricky emerged, his footsteps loud and thunderous. Although he was not as big as the gigantic figure behind Ray, his aura and morale were no less than that of Ray's.

With four runic powers of the Spirit Level, the first level of Ultimate Golden Body and four zones at his beck and call, Ricky's power was already tantamount to that of a middle spiritual king.

Actually, Ricky knew all along that he could reach this level of power in just three months, and it was exactly the reason why he dared to accept Ray's challenge back then. It was a good motivation to improve himself. If, at that time, he had any hint of self-doubts and thought he could not advance with his practice at this speed, he would not have agreed to it at all. But Ricky knew himself and how far he could go, and he was happy to prove that he was right about himself.

"Damn! Damn you to hell!" Ray screamed, fury blazing like magma in his eyes. He was tremendously close to losing his mind. He glared at Ricky with viciousness similar to a devil hungry for flesh, which made onlookers shudder violently with fear.

"Ray, if this is the best that you can do, I am afraid you will not be able to take my life after all," Ricky said with a light smirk as four runic powers poured out from the space.

"Or is the so-called genius of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce just so-so, nothing but a good name and a pretty face?

If you keep this up, I will be able to kill you in a snap, like a mere child's play,"

Ricky said, trying to infuriate Ray so that he might lose his cool judgment and mental balance.

Ray was not like this earlier as he hadn't been taunted and mocked yet. He was cool and level-headed, and Ricky, at the time, thought that Ray could never come close to the state of losing his control.

However, Ray was now on the brink of completely losing his mind, and further antagonizing him could send him into a hysterical fit, which would give Ricky more chances to come out as victorious from this battle.

"Just die!" Ricky's strategy worked as Ray suddenly burst into fits of anger, which further disrupted his aura and circulation of energy. Ricky grinned in satisfaction when Ray's power output became even more unstable.

Like a savage beast, Ray finally lost control and sank into madness.

Seeing his mental collapse, many warriors and demi-spiritual emperors shook their heads in disapproval. If Ray was not able to keep his head straight and continue to descend further into insanity, he would no doubt lose this battle.


wake, crashing down like an avalanche on Ricky.

"Massacring Omnipotent Skill—Massacring Golden Palm!" Seeing the incoming giant door, without hesitation, Ricky instantly struck out his palm, which harbored the power of the golden body fused with massacring runes.

Boom! The giant black door collided against Ricky's palm, sending endless airwaves in all directions and shattering the space.

Two figures were thrown out in opposite directions by the shock wave, leaving trails in the air.

However, neither of them stopped to rest; instead, they dashed toward each other, determination and conviction etched on their faces, each eager to best the other.

"Death Door—Dual Deadly Doors." Endless Death Enlightenment once again covered the entire area as Ray released all of his powers.

"Massacring Omnipotent Skill—Impregnable Killing Finger!" Ricky also shouted and jumped into the air to take on Ray's attack.

Instantly, two black giant doors clashed with ten giant golden fingers, sending more endless powerful waves rippling through the air. It was still a tie.

"Take this!" Ray shouted and made his move regardless of the wounds he had sustained during the previous two clashes. "Death Door—Triple Deadly Doors!"

"Then it is your turn to take this!" Ricky, too, had no care for his sustained wounds. His strong desire to fight took over his entire body, burning and coiling wildly, and the power of the gale runes instantly went alive and surged like a raging river.

"Gale Enlightenment—Gale Strike!"

Ricky folded his arms, and the power of the gale runes materialized in the form of four daggers, darting straight toward his opponent.

Within seconds, two forces clashed for the third time.

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