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   Chapter 528 Summoning His Real Strength

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7079

Updated: 2019-11-16 00:47

Boom! Boom!

In next moment, the whole sky echoed with loud sounds. The air waves struck the area. The area was suddenly crushed into pieces by the energy.

After a long while, two disheveled figures were revealed as the air waves faded away. The figures were Ricky and Ray. At that point in time, although their bodies were disheveled, they were still full of great power and murderous intent.

Ray was even more ferocious and angrier than Ricky was.

That was because he put too much effort into that battle, but he didn't expect that Ricky would be so strong. From his point of view, when he used the ace up his sleeve, the Ever-changing Skill, he thought he would be able to defeat and kill Ricky easily.

To his surprise, he couldn't defeat Ricky. Instead, Ricky was on a par with Ray who had summoned his full power already. Ray couldn't believe that things were going downhill so quickly.

"As expected, we don't know who the last winner is yet. Ricky really is an ace genius! It's possible that Ricky can even work miracles!" The warriors who had high hopes riding on Ricky sighed as they saw their disheveled figures.

"That's right! He is another amazingly talented warrior, just like Jasper. He can work wonders, so it's possible he will still survive," another warrior said.

"It's too early to guess who the last winner will be. Let's just continue watching the battle."

"Your Ever-changing Skill doesn't seem to be anything special! Before the battle, you were so conceited that I overrated your real strength," Ricky said with a calm expression, looking at the ferocious expression on Ray's face.

Ricky had already been an innate spiritual king and had improved his runic power a lot. After three months, he had reached the peak of a lower spiritual king. He was not afraid of a lower spiritual king.

An ace genius could really be a terrifying person!

Ray's expression turned much gloomier after he heard what Ricky said.

"Indeed, I did underestimate your strength. I will summon my real strength to end the battle and kill you," Ray said in a cold tone.

As Ray stopped ta

ust, runes of four colors turned into two big hands that tore the spear into pieces.

"How can it be? This is impossible... How can he summon the same level of power as a middle spiritual king?" Ray shouted out loud with a rather hideous look on his already unsightly face.

Everyone was surprised and shocked at that point in time. That was because they had thought that Ricky could resist Ray's attack, but they didn't believe that Ricky would be able to tear Ray's spear apart.

The demi-spiritual emperors still managed to keep calm though.

"He is really an ace genius! In three months, he can summon the same level of power as a middle spiritual king!" All the warriors gossiped with each other.

The demi-spiritual emperors who considered Ricky their enemies wanted to kill Ricky as soon as possible.

They were surprised at Ricky's rapid growth though. They could see that Ricky would catch up with them and even surpass them in just a few years.

"Ricky, you are the strongest warrior! You can definitely defeat Ray," Soar said again with confidence in his voice.

"Ricky, well done!" the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor exclaimed excitedly.

"You could make a breakthrough to become a middle spiritual king, but I can summon the same level of power as well," Ricky said with a calm expression on his face as he walked out of the dust. His golden body was still shining brightly.

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