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   Chapter 527 Power Of Scud Movement Skill

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6316

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With a loud blast, Ray summed all his power. At this moment, Ray's spiritual emperor's blood power made him look like a devil ascending to this world.

He fused with the darkness and ran towards Ricky. The Ultimate Gloom Domain was becoming smaller and smaller. At last, it changed into a ball and disappeared between his eyes.

"What a strange cultivation method it is! He can make his own Ultimate Domain to vanish in that manner between his eyes?" Many warriors were excited at seeing what he had done.

"That is the Ever-changing Skill, a cultivation method of Earth Level belonging to the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce," some old innate warrior said.

"It is a fantastic method. A warrior can use his own Ultimate Domain to launch various attacks in rapid succession, which makes it very hard to dodge."

Ray charged at Ricky, his body turning into a huge black sword. Intense Gloomy Enlightenment surrounded the sword.

In the blink of an eye, the sword aimed between Ricky's eyes.

From a distance, Ricky could tell how dangerous it would be if he tried to fight back head-on. So as a tactic, he chose to dodge first.

With swift, skillful movements, he dodged, doing back-flips, jumping, and skipping.

In the process, his left shoulder was grazed, a few trickles of blood staining the collar of his robe.

Fast as he could, he ran around in circles, but the black sword was right on his heels.

Fortunately, it was just a small cut. Ricky used the runic power to dispel the power of Gloomy Enlightenment in his wound.

Ricky didn't know Ray's real strength until now. At that moment, his face became gloomy.

However, there was no time to waste on worrying instead of fending off the attack. The big black sword had mysteriously changed into a big black saber, charging to attack once more, swift as lightening.

Again, it slightly hit Ricky, grazing his fo

e genius. From the look of things, this was an interesting battle that could end either way.

The clear advantage that Ray had briefly enjoyed at the beginning was now doubtful. As the battle unfolded, everyone watching started to realize Ricky was almost turning the tables around.

"Do you think that you can escape from my attacks by the Scud Movement Skill?" Ray gloated.

Next he tried to change tactics in quick succession.

The next moment, endless gloomy spiritual energy and the power of Gloomy Enlightenment surged out. The black halberd exploded and turned into eighteen attacks that were aimed at Ricky from different directions.

The eighteen attacks were from eighteen different weapons.

Swoosh! Swoosh! With every attempt, he hoped to paralyze Ricky as quickly as possible.

But with help of the gale runes, Ricky was proving to be a different kind of opponent—a formidable, slippery fighter that would slip out your hands like an eel, catch you off-guard, pull a sucker punch, and knock the hell out of you, if this were a fistfight.

Unscathed after all the attacks, he now turned on his Enlightening Wind Holes, raising eighteen enlightening windstorms that collided with Ray's eighteen weapons. Ray was in for a rough time!

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