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   Chapter 526 Who Will Win

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8675

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All of the attention flickered to Ricky, shock visible on their faces at what he had said. But the surprise and shock wore off as fast as they came.

Considering the reason behind all of this, they knew that Ricky had to say yes.

They believed that Ricky was a mere nobody from a small and insignificant realm and therefore had no great power behind him.

'Being an ace genius is desirable and admirable. But even he would feel helpless and anxious in the face of powerful enemies if he's got no support from a strong force, ' Some warriors thought to themselves and collectively sighed for Ricky's bad luck.

They had also realized that since this decisive battle was proposed by the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce, it must have prepared some advantages for Ray, which would put Ricky in a really far more disadvantageous position.

"I don't think Ricky can survive this fight!" a warrior said to other people standing near him.

"Good. Make sure that you cherish every minute from now on," Ray replied in contempt after hearing Ricky's reply, his eyes flashing dangerously.

"Since you have agreed to such a proposal, we will put an end to the enmity between us once all of this ends, for the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce is fair in its decisions and will never throw its weight around," Tonino said in a clear and booming voice.

Ricky bowed his head. "I should thank you for your kindness," he replied in a respectful tone, although he didn't believe any word that came out of Tonino's mouth.

Nobody believed that Ricky could ever survive this battle, so they recognized Tonino's words for what it was—a thinly-veiled lie uttered in an attempt to look fair and considerate.

"Ricky, please accept my apology." The remorseful and sad voice of the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor sounded from afar. Although he wanted to help, it was futile because his power couldn't hold a candle to Tonino's.

"Sir, don't blame yourself for anything. It was my decision to accept the challenge in the first place," Ricky reassured him, trying to cheer him up.

His light expression soon shifted into a lethal glare when he flicked his eyes to Ray, and he muttered quietly, "You belittle me and think that I'm weak. But you are terribly wrong and I will prove that to you all. Even a weakling can kill a tiger if he gives his all and sets his mind to it."

Boom! In an instant, as if the heavens had collapsed and exploded, powerful forces erupted from both Ricky and Ray, and the impact spread toward every direction.

"Remember, you only have a few seconds left to live. Cher

m Domain materialized gradually and steadily in the air.

Standing in the Ultimate Gloom Domain, Ricky sensed the intense tension and the corrosion, and felt his power struggling to keep up.

As a countermeasure, Ricky also showed his own Ultimate Domain, which was more solid.

His Ultimate Domain was produced by the power of the four runes; thus, Ricky called it the Ultimate Domain of Four Runes. When he activated his next zone, he would master the fifth runic power.

Boom! The two solid Ultimate Domains collided with a sickening and crushing sound, as though two planets had crashed and exploded against each other.

"You can be an ace genius in hell. Now go to hell and burn," Ray roared with his momentum filling up to the brim.

"Cut the bullshit!" Ricky fired back just as ferociously.

"Gloomy Enlightenment—Ever-changing Skill!" Hearing Ricky's words, Ray turned his rage and killing intention into the most formidable and effective killing skill he had ever mastered.

All at once, the endless gloomy spiritual energy and the Gloomy Enlightenment fused into one. Like a tidal water, it flowed through the whole Ultimate Gloom Domain just as a giant dark shadow materialized behind Ray.

Obviously, Ray had decided to use the spiritual emperor's blood power, which Ricky couldn't resist.

"It's time to decide who's the victor and who's the loser. Let's see who's going to live and who's going to die!" Seeing the fighting in the air, the warriors in the audience communicated with each other through their telepathic links. Their undivided attention was solely on the fighters, not wanting to miss anything that could possibly decide the outcome of the battle between the two talented opponents.

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