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   Chapter 525 Accepting The Life-And-Death Challenge

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Hearing what Tonino, a demi-spiritual emperor of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce, just said, all the onlookers got curious and immediately focused their attention on him. What he had just suggested was completely beyond their wildest imagination.

"Oh? Then, I'd like to hear how your Luxurious Chamber of Commerce is going to make this battle interesting," the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor, deputy dean of the Oriental College, questioned as he was slightly taken aback by Tonino's words.

Judging from the manner of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce today, he foresaw that there must be a menacing plan waiting for him! But he felt trapped and saw no way to sabotage the plan they had devised.

Tonino's eyes fell on Ray.

"Ricky, why don't you and I have a life-and-death battle? Do you dare to step up and accept my challenge?" Ray immediately asked Ricky, loudly and casually, when he sensed Tonino's gaze. The Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor was right. They did have a very dangerous plan in store.

When he finished his question, the entire audience was deeply shocked and they burst out in a loud uproar. All kinds of heated discussions were booming everywhere. The life-and-death battle was such a huge deal. No matter who died in the battle, it would definitely generate a lot of hatred and revenge.

"Well...this Luxurious Chamber of Commerce actually wanted to turn the combat into a life-and-death battle. I could have never expected this! But why did they do this?"

"Precisely! After all, they are two spiritual-emperor forces, and they are still united on the surface. Is it just because Ricky had beaten Pearl earlier and made the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce lose face?"

"It is obvious that the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce is announcing a challenge against the Oriental College. The two forces are not as united as they appear to be."

"This would have been inevitable. You all think about this carefully. The Oriental College has Jasper now. In the future, it will undoubtedly dominate the Oriental Realm. Now, it has an even more talented disciple, Ricky. It is not hard to imagine that in the future, the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce will have no foothold over the Oriental Realm at all."

"Yes, that's it. The Luxurious Chamber of Commerce has to find a way to kill Ricky when he is still honing his power. After all, Jasper has grown up to be such a powerful warrior that it's not possible to kill him easily."

"Oh, that explains everything. It's just how the old saying goes, 'One nation can't have two queens.' It seems that these two forces are about to start a real collision. I just hope that such a clash does not affect our small forces." The onlookers had so many concerns in their minds. Meanwhile, they found it hard to peel their eyes off the people involved in the battle. The next few minutes would determine how the future situation would be.

"Have a life-and-death battle?" Ricky repeated out of shock. He was stunned at the proposal.


," the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor promised Ricky earnestly.

Ricky was, of course, very grateful for that. Immediately, he expressed his sincere appreciation and gratitude.

However, Ricky understood that when the time came, even if the Oriental Emperor tried, he might still fail to save him. After all, the Luxurious Emperor and the other spiritual emperor would not sit still and let the Oriental Emperor save him.

One more point was that even if Ray was defeated by Ricky in this deadly battle, he would still not die because the Luxurious Emperor and his joint spiritual emperor would save him. When that happened, the Oriental Emperor alone wouldn't be able to stop them from doing that. But if Ricky was defeated, he would only face the end of death. Of course, he wouldn't allow himself to be killed because he could save himself by his four zones and Doris' spiritual hologram.

It was easy to imagine what would happen to him if Ricky did not have the four zones and Doris' spiritual hologram.

'This may be how the weak who are trampled and killed by the strong at their whims may feel. So helpless and utterly lost!' Ricky thought with a sigh.

However, he didn't blame anyone. Nobody but himself should be responsible for the improvement of his strength when it hadn't grown extremely powerful.

What Ricky had to do now was beat Ray with all his efforts. Only by defeating Ray could he continue his cultivation at the Oriental College.

Otherwise, his only way would be to escape by his four zones. But, he hated to run away like that. He had a strong desire to win and stay at the Oriental College.

"What about now? Do you agree to the battle or not?" Tonino questioned impatiently after waiting for a few moments. "Or is your ace genius afraid of such a deadly challenge?"

"In my dictionary, the word 'afraid' does not exist. This life-and-death challenge that you have proposed, I accept it!" Ricky responded indifferently and looked straight into Tonino's eyes.

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