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   Chapter 524 Many Demi-spiritual Emperors

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The Oriental College brimmed with lively people. Chatters and murmurs that overlapped could be heard everywhere. The audience was obviously thrilled to witness such an iconic event: the competition between Ray, a talent of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce, and Ricky, an ace genius.

Based on what they had seen, all the forces involved knew that the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce and the Oriental College seemed to have a tacit disagreement with each other. On some level, the combat between Ricky and Ray felt like the competition between the two spiritual-emperor forces.

Due to this, the crowd that gathered to watch the iconic battle was tremendous. Disciples from the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce and the Oriental College weren't the only ones present for disciples from other forces in the Oriental Realm also came.

The crowd around the ring of the Oriental College was massive. Chattering disciples were abundant. Some were even airborne just to have a good view of the match.

Meanwhile, an intense discussion about the match was heard from the audience.

"Who do you think will win the competition?"

"Of course it's Ray. Although Ricky is an ace genius, he just recently made a breakthrough as an innate spiritual king. He is no match against the second strongest outer disciple of the Oriental College. Most lower spiritual kings can't even defeat Ray. I'm sure Ricky would just suffer the same fate," some of the disciples argued heatedly.

"It's true. Ricky hasn't grown strong enough to defeat his opponent. Moreover, Ray spent three months cultivating in a secret place of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce. If he didn't do it, then he would've never made a breakthrough to be a middle spiritual king.

The Luxurious Chamber of Commerce is a powerful force. Ray may have a lot of aces up his sleeve."

The majority of the disciples felt that Ray would have the upper hand in the competition. Only a few people believed that Ricky was capable of defeating Ray.

"No, that's wrong! That ace genius has excellent potential. Three months might be just a short time for most of us, but Ricky can grow a whole lot in that period."

"Indeed. Jasper went from a demi-immortal to a middle spiritual king in just a year and a half. At his current level, not even completed spiritual kings could take him down.

Ricky could take part in the co

Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor, Skyward Sword Spiritual King, and Array-shattering Spiritual King led the team. Ricky, Soar, and other disciples followed suit.

"Ricky is finally here!" At once, all the warriors focused their gaze on Ricky. They wanted to find out Ricky's strength.

Unfortunately, Ricky's level wasn't his real strength. They were having a hard time figuring it out.

"Ricky looks calm and collected. He could either be genuinely confident that he would win the match, or he is just feigning it. Either way, we'll find out soon enough,"

some warriors who bet against Ricky smugly whispered.

And without further ado, Ricky jumped onto the ring and stood in front of Ray.

As soon as he felt Ricky's presence, Ray opened his eyes. He spat steely, "Humph! I can't believe that you have the guts to accept my challenge. I will defeat you. Let others know an ace genius means nothing to me."

"I have to come to fight against you. After all, every creature of the Oriental Realm is anticipating this battle," Ricky calmly answered, shrugging his shoulders.

"Stop acting like you've already won. Nobody knows who would win this battle," he added nonchalantly.

"It is impossible!" Ray glowered.

"My old friends, this is merely a competition between young disciples. Yet the three of you graced us with your presence. Is this battle that serious?" the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor greeted.

"It is not serious, but we find this battle interesting," Tonino warmly replied as he smiled at the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor.

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