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   Chapter 523 The Improvement Of The Runic Power

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The attacks of the enlightening mimic were so fast that Ricky barely saw them coming. They struck him, sharp and electrocuting, before he could even block to defend himself. The pain was immediate, almost numbing his senses at once.

Taking heavy breaths to regain his composure, Ricky raised his fists in a fighting stance. The immense urge to strike back rose in his chest like white hot fire, but the rapid and continuous fire of the attacks was relentless and overwhelming, rendering him unable to stand his ground and fight back. He gritted his teeth as adrenaline rushed into his body.


With the sound of the explosion, a massive force hit his chest and sent him flying into the air as if he had been struck by a cannon. To break the impact, he summoned fire around his hands and held on the space around him so he could regain his balance.

'It is too fast. It seems like it did not just double its strength but also its speed, ' Ricky realized, still reeling from the immediate effects of the blow.

Zap! Before he could even finish his train of thoughts, the space in front of him split open, revealing the enlightening mimic. In a flash, it morphed into the Flame Torrent and swept toward Ricky in full force.

'This Tower of Training is indeed daunting and extraordinary. I can't believe it can replicate even my Omnipotent Skill—the Flame Torrent!' Ricky thought to himself as a wide excited grin took over his face.

As the battle ensued, it did not take long before Ricky noticed a certain limit to the enlightening mimic's power. The replication of the Flame Torrent could only mimic Ricky's power, but it could not add different kinds of sacred fires like Ricky did.

Ricky's eyes flashed with the light of fire just as the will to fight blazed hotly in his chest. Without any hesitation, he used his Omnipotent Skill of the Flame Torrent and engaged the enlightening mimic head-on. The enemy was definitely strong, but Ricky refused to give up. This training was important for him as this was his ultimate chance in finding the flaw in his moves and improve himself. No matter what, he would never back down.

Boom! The two Flame Torrents clashed, and the entire room was suddenly engulfed by the endless fire. It seemed like an eternity had passed before the inferno died down and the two figures jumped out of the burning fire.

As the smoke cleared, the differences in their level became more evident. While Ricky shot out of the fire in a rather awkward and ungraceful position, the enlightening mimic remained unfazed and handled its balance well.

Ricky wiped the sweat on his face and grinned. "Awesome! This is exactly what I need! Only a strong opponent like this can help me with my progress!" Although Ricky knew he was currently on the losing fence, his will to fight had never been stronger.

"Smashing Blade Atta

ne were brought up to the Spirit Level first.

Very soon, Ricky was deeply immersed in endless hours of study and training.

Fortunately, the regained spiritual meridian and four zones made it quite easy and comfortable for him to deepen his understanding of the runic powers.

His constant studying yielded an astounding result. In just half a month, Ricky brought up the four runic powers to the Spirit Level.

'It is a pity that I do not have enough time. If I had been given two more months, my casting ability could definitely graze the surface of the real Spirit Level. My runic powers would be even more powerful then, ' Ricky thought, a look of mild regret passing over his face.

But even though he was not a casting master at the Spirit Level yet, he was very sure of himself, and he was confident that he could defeat Ray no matter the tricks he might have up in his sleeves. Ricky was prepared for every scenario and every stunt Ray might pull on him. He trained so hard to make it so.

'After the battle with Ray, I should seek out and go to various places where I can get more experiences. After all, I cannot practice here at the Oriental College forever, ' Ricky decided firmly.

Another important reason why he wanted to leave was that he had a need for more money.

Tina had been in his Chaotic Fire Zone for a while now. Although she could communicate with Ricky constantly through their telepathic connection, it was high time for her to leave the zone and go somewhere else.

"Tina, hang in there. Ten more days, and I will take you out of here. I promise," Ricky said to Tina through their telepathic connection.

"No problem. I have no doubts that you can definitely beat Ray!" Tina replied with confidence.

Soon, three months had flown by, and the day of their much-awaited battle, which was known to all the disciples of the Oriental College, had finally arrived.

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