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   Chapter 522 The Tower Of Training

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Enveloped by the Cloud Enlightenment and Wind Enlightenment, the Iron Destroyer burst out through the fog like an ethereal force. It transformed into ferocious beasts for one moment, and became intangible energy in the next.

Boom! Boom! Boom! When Ricky released the Iron Destroyer, the whole room was vibrating. It let out a loud thump as he did. The shock waves rippled around the whole room, striking on the walls that surrounded him.

Luckily, the walls of the room were not made of just any common materials. The enlightening power and ruling power left by spiritual emperors made the walls almost impregnable. Even a demi-spiritual emperor could do no damage to them with the use of his full force.

Then, the Iron Destroyer split into four white blades, striking the walls with intangible energy.

Ricky's attack was not able to leave even a single gouge in the wall, however.

His attack did create four lingering space rifts in the half sky though. When the space rifts finally waned, the traces made by the intangible energy still existed.

It was some kind of special energy that could directly affect one's mind and heart.

Even Ricky felt heartbroken under those circumstance as all his excruciating past experiences settled on his mind and weighed him down. Gradually, he was immersed in a state of regret and heart-sickness.

Buzz! Buzz! With a burst of the energy from the Gale Zone, Ricky reluctantly let go of all those heartrending thoughts.

He sucked in a deep breath of relief when his mind finally cleared. ''That was close. The Omnipotent Skill of the Gale Strike is so powerful and dangerous. Its intangible energy can even deeply affect someone like me, '' Ricky sighed.

The Omnipotent Skill of the Gale Strike, combined the Cloud Enlightenment and the Wind Enlightenment, became a kind of unique energy which could exist in two different forms. The forms were called the tangible from and the intangible form. By combing the Cloud Enlightenment and the Wind Enlightenment, a mirage could be created.

The Gale Strike could not only create an eruption of strengt

ask the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor for help.

In order to defeat Ray in the upcoming battle, Ricky had to focus on honing his fighting skills. He pushed away the thought of training outside for two reasons: he did not have enough time and his enemies were hunting him.

Ricky summoned two enlightening mimics in the first day of his cultivation and went through a fierce battle with them.

After all, the enlightening mimics had duplicated his power. Compared with the lightning warriors he had faced, the enlightening mimics were obvious more powerful.

The enlightening power contained supreme enlightenment in it while lightning was only a kind of destructive power.

Five days later, Ricky's progress was striking. Now, he could simultaneously fight with five enlightening mimics. During the process of his cultivation, he also figured out many ways to make up for his weaknesses.

Without taking a rest, Ricky immediately entered the second floor.

On the first day, Ricky summoned only one enlightening mimic that was at double his power.

In the gloomy cultivation room, Ricky was staring at a gray enlightening mimic. After careful observation, he was sure that it had twice his amount of power.

In the next moment, the gray enlightening mimic suddenly appeared in front of Ricky. In a flash it launched an attack with its fiery fist, aiming straight at Ricky's face.

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