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   Chapter 521 The Gale Strike

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When Ricky reached the famous Palace of Gravity, he had yet again caught the attention of many other disciples, as always. Of course, he could feel the glare of all of them on him. He could feel that some of them were looking at him with admiration and friendliness, yet he could perceive that others stared at him with contempt.

However, he simply dismissed these perceptions of his, ignored all of these stares and went into the palace straight away.

The watchman of the Palace of Gravity was a grey-haired old man, who seemed to be highly respected as all the disciples who went in and out of the palace were extremely deferential to him, having their heads bowed while facing him. Whether they truly respected him or not, at least all of them called him "sir" most reverently.

While contemplating and interrogating with his powers of the four zones, Ricky got to know that the old man was a strong completed spiritual king, and a veteran among all his peers here. It was no wonder that he enjoyed a high prestige.

"Hello, sir! My name is Ricky Nan, and I would like to learn more techniques, cultivate myself fully and practice in this amazing Palace of Gravity for a month. I have heard so many good things about this place," Ricky stated with the same reverence that other disciples showed the old man, and presented his well-earned jade tablet proudly to him at once.

There were restrictions to the Palace of Gravity. Since only the disciples of the Oriental College were allowed to step into the Palace of Gravity, it was required that the jade tablet should be the only passport for registration. Ricky had learned the rules of the college by heart, so he was ready beforehand and proudly showed his identity even before the old man asked him to.

"Ricky Nan? So you must be the ace genius they've been talking about these days, aren't you?" asked the old man, looking up and scrutinizing Ricky, focusing on his reaction once he heard his name. There was sparkling sharpness in his pair of old eyes. Ricky couldn't help but sense the disdain in his tone quite clearly.

Ricky was in utter confusion. 'If I'm not mistaken, this old guy is a spiritual king beast. If I should ever offend a spiritual king beast, he should either come from the Ruin Leopard tribe or the Golden Rhino tribe. Have I missed anyone who isn't from these two tribes?' Ricky thought quickly.

"This is really interesting. I heard that the Bing Clan has been very kind to Earle. Let's see how he will seize the opportunity and avenge his benefactor." Ricky heard some of the disciples present whisper with amusement, and this answered the many questions he had been toying with in his mind.

'Ah, so, all of this is for the Bing Clan, and this old guy's name is Earle, ' Ricky thought and smiled, especially since he knew what he would be dealing with.

"Pity. Now only the rooms on the ground floor are available. Will that be okay with you?" asked Earle with a sneer, clearly with no good intentions. He was no longer looking at Ricky, as if he wouldn't care about this so-called ace genius.

"But I've just left the second floor and there are still many empty rooms up there! How strange!" blurted one of the disciples who were near them when he heard Earle's words. Whether he meant to nail Earle's lie to the counter, or he was simply puzzled, he looked really confused and asked the question without thinking. However, one thing was for sure, that he had embarrassed Earle.

Therefore, as so

ly and got down to practicing and mastering the Cloud Enlightenment and the Wind Enlightenment first.

He concentrated, dived into the Gale Zone and immersed himself with his power in the gale rune completely. With the rich experience in mastering Omnipotent Skills in his other zones, he started to study and comprehend the Omnipotent Skill in the Gale Zone to his utmost ability.

In this process, he received an expected prize from the gale rune—the Gale Fire, the peculiar fire of the Gale Zone. So again, he had added one more powerful fire to his Chaotic Fire Zone. However, this windfall didn't stop him there.

For the twenty days that followed, Ricky had been cultivating in complete immersion as if the Gale Zone was the whole world. He was oblivious of anything outside this room.

What happened after the goals were set left everything in a daze. One day, Ricky slowly opened his eyes, as if waking up from a long dream. It was hard to tell whether he had really awakened at the beginning, for his dark pupils had turned as white as snow, as if there was a curtain of fog lingering in them. His expression was illusory, even his whole outline turned hazy. His silhouette was not distinct, which added an air of mystery to him. The power vibes that emanated from him were beyond comprehension. It was a mixture of mightiness and unreality, appearing to be overwhelming for one second, and was hard to perceive for the next second. What had happened?

For a moment, it seemed as if Ricky had become the embodiment of both the Cloud Enlightenment and the Wind Enlightenment. He had made it. The results were astonishing!

The next moment, all seemed even more unreal. He stood up, rose, and started to fly up steadily to poise in the middle of the air. At that point, he sought and drew the Iron Destroyer. As soon as the saber touched the air, a cloud of Cloud Enlightenment and Wind Enlightenment surged out and wrapped it up. Ricky brandished it in the air without hesitation. His art was the proof of his cultivation!

There was a reason why Ricky suddenly picked his saber to test his new skill—the new Omnipotent Skill he had just mastered was a kind of saber skill.

"Omnipotent Gale Skill—Gale Strike!" Ricky bellowed proudly and convincingly as he wielded the saber with the bursting energy behind it.

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