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   Chapter 520 Daisy Zhang

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7199

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As that pretty woman came forward, all the disciples greeted her respectfully, including Bowie.

Their eyes were filled with reverence for her which made Ricky realize that this woman should be endowed with great power. Otherwise, she could not receive such respect.

She slightly nodded her head and then cast her eyes on Bowie. She uttered, "This place is not like that of the Ruin Leopard tribe. Here, if you do not follow our rules, you will be punished!''

"I shall ensure that I do not fail to obey you, '' Bowie replied reluctantly.

''Ricky Nan, you got lucky this time. If I get my hands on you, I shall make you suffer! You'd better keep this in mind!'' Bowie threatened, his eyes glaring at Ricky.

There was nothing left for him to do but leave. He knew that he could not deal with Ricky in front of that woman.

Ricky displayed a reckless disregard for Bowie's provocative words. He also shifted his eyes to this woman.

Seeing that Bowie left without starting a fight, many other disciples decided to leave too, in utter disappointment. Standing next to this woman, they had felt an invisible yet unbearable pressure overwhelming them.

''Thank you for getting me out of trouble, '' Ricky said sincerely. This woman had, in actual fact, helped him. If she had not appeared, then he would have had to fight with Bowie.

''Is your name Ricky Nan?'' asked the woman.

''Yes, '' Ricky replied. His curiosity was aroused. Why would this woman want to know his name? He was not that famous after all.

''My name is Daisy Zhang. Jasper is my brother and Cheryl is my aunt.'' The woman introduced herself in a subdued voice.

''Master Cheryl!'' Ricky blurted out in astonishment.

''Judging by your expression, you must be Ricky, for sure. A few days earlier, my aunt sent me a message, asking us to take care of a disciple called Ricky in the Oriental College," Daisy Zhang explained.

''My aunt must have not known that you are an ace genius, or she wouldn't have asked us to take care of you. You can handle everything on your own.''

''I did not expect Jasper to be Master Cheryl's niece.'' Ricky was shocked when he he

ace of Gravity of the Oriental College.

He would be nurturing the best methods and practice in that place for a very long time.

The Palace of Gravity was located in an open space on the eastern wing of the Oriental College. It had ten floors in total. The force of gravity on the first floor was ten times than the outside world. The second floor had twenty times more gravity than the outside world, and so on.

Many disciples had come in and gone out of the Palace of Gravity. It was a very meaningful place for cultivation and practice, almost as important as the water in the Enlightening Pond in the Oriental College.

The Palace of Gravity was a giant red building which was one thousand meters in height and covered an area of hundreds of square meters.

After Ricky entered the first floor, he immediately felt the difference. As he was surrounded by the Gravity Enlightenment, everything seemed to become much heavier for him.

Ricky reckoned that even the surrounding areas of this palace had the force of gravity five times more powerful than the normal condition, which meant it was also a good choice to cultivate near the palace.

'To stay on the first floor for one day, I have to pay ten thousand gold coins. So be it. After all, I do not have many gold coins to waste, ' Ricky carefully planned.

Actually he preferred to cultivate his techniques on the second floor, but he did not have enough money.

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