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   Chapter 519 The Woman Saves Him In Time!

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 10332

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As soon as the man appeared in front of Ricky, Ricky was amazed by the strong aura that he possessed. He almost felt as if an enormous mountain was pressing against him. At the same time, his enlightening power swept through space and made its way towards Ricky. Just as Ricky was wondering who this man was, he heard the murmurs of the disciples around him.

"Oh, it's him! Bowie, Bernard's cousin!" the disciples of the Oriental College who had gathered around Ricky shouted instantly.

"At the competition among outer disciples last year, he was ranked ninth and his strength was graded medium among the first-class lower spiritual kings. It's been a year since then, and he should've have reached the peak level of a first-class lower spiritual king."

"Wow, it's going to be a good show. Bowie has always been loyal to Bernard. In the previous selection, Bernard suffered a great loss because of Soar, Ricky's buddy. Now as fate presents him to face Ricky, he is not going to miss the chance to trouble him."

While they were engaged in a hot discussion, all the disciples also began to turn their attention on the two warriors who were just about to clash.

In Bowie Bu's strong momentum, apart from the ruin aura from the Ruin Leopard tribe, Ricky also felt a powerful force that was pressing him hard. Ricky immediately deduced that along with the ruin power, Bowie Bu had also applied the Gravitation Enlightenment. He was actually practicing these two different powers at the same time.

However, Ricky was not afraid of him at all. Having recently reinforced his current level, Ricky actually wanted to have a good fight to test his real strength. 'Bowie is ranked ninth among the outer disciples. Then definitely, his strength is bound to be extraordinary. He is the perfect man for me to test my new power.' Ricky's mind was racing.

Meanwhile, his body trembled and he launched his scorching flame. The next second, Bowie Bu's invisible attack was easily blocked by his power.

"Whether I can successfully cultivate the Scud Movement Skill or not, it seems to have nothing to do with you. So, just get out of my way!" Ricky said coldly. Since he wanted to have a duel with Bowie Bu, he could not launch the attack first. He had to somehow provoke Bowie Bu to start the fight.

"Humph! You are quite confident about yourself!" Bowie Bu sneered disdainfully. He was getting slightly irritated at Ricky's arrogance, and Ricky's plan seemed to start working. As a result, his enlightening power became stronger, which made even the space around him crack.

He then added, "Are you aware that you are a disciple who has just entered the Oriental College? Didn't your previous master teach you how to respect senior disciples?

Or, are your master as arrogant and conceited like you? You need to be taught a good lesson!"

"Hey, you seem to talk too much! You know what people say, right? A barking dog seldom bites! So, step aside now!" Ricky replied coldly as he sneered.

An ear-splitting growl suddenly burst in the area around Ricky.

Ricky's provocative word

arted launching his attack again.

This time, Bowie Bu directly activated the dual enlightening powers—Ruin Enlightenment and Gravitation Enlightenment. Under the pressure of the two powers, Ricky's whole body seemed to be crushed and he was about to collapse. Once again, he felt as if an enormous mountain was pressing against him.

In a second, Bowie Bu leaped high to the air and resembled a Ruin Leopard. His hands were transformed into two sharp claws which pounced directly towards Ricky.

"So, you really want to have a fight here!" Ricky murmured coldly. When he saw Bowie Bu launch an attack again, he knew that he was driven into a corner and as a result, he was filled with rage. Without any delay, he also burst out his strongest power to resist Bowie Bu's attack.

"Bowie, this is not the place where you can fight," a cold voice suddenly interrupted the fight.

Bowie's eyes widened at the cold voice, and there was a slight hint of fear in his eyes. Immediately, he retreated all his offences and landed on the ground from midair.

"Oh, no! She is here! It seems that our chance of watching a wonderful show is ruined," the onlookers around the two warriors murmured, their voices tinged with disappointment.

The next moment, all of them turned back and saw a woman in a blue dress slowly walking towards them with her hands folded in front of her. She seemed like elegance and decency personified, and everyone was lost in the admiration of her gentle beauty.

With an oval face and slightly pointed chin, the woman was dazzling.

The aura exuding from the woman's body was very cold. But besides the coldness, there was also a sense of vitality in it.

'Is this woman the disciple who is ranked first among the outer disciples?' Ricky wondered to himself. He was a little stunned. He had heard about the woman before and knew how strong she was. 'What is she doing here? And why is she trying to help me?' Ricky asked himself inwardly.

At that very moment, the woman was examining Ricky and looking at him up and down.

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