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   Chapter 517 A Three-Month Appointment

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"This guy does harbor a grudge against Ricky!" The disciples whispered among themselves when they heard Ray spell out the challenge.

In particular, they were curious about how Ricky, the ace genius, would react to the challenge. For all they knew, Ricky was not the kind of person to play by anyone's rules.

No one who knew Ricky well would be foolish enough to challenge him to a duel. The challenge from Ray rendered Ricky speechless. In this game, wisdom was priceless, and Ricky knew this was not the right time for picking unnecessary battles unless it were unavoidable. He'd have to control his anger. After all, the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce was a spiritual-emperor force.

So ignoring the challenge, he vowed to himself instead to work on improving his power and skills. One of these good days, he would have to stir up the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce.

"You want to challenge me to a fight? I just became an innate spirit, which everyone here witnessed. Don't you find it ridiculous that you're spoiling for a fight with someone of much lower ranking? What point are you trying to prove?

For goodness' sake, you are a middle spiritual king, with so much power! If I were you, I'd be ashamed of making a fool of myself by stooping so low for a serious challenge. I'd be mortified, to be honest, for lowering the expectations of the entire Luxurious Chamber of Commerce with such spineless, shameful flubbing," Ricky scoffed.

Many of the disciples watching were deeply impressed by the wisdom of Ricky's words.

And they knew it would help him much not to think too highly of himself, if he wanted to go further.

"It was very wise of you to answer neither in anger nor to be swayed by his unnecessary provocations. Although you have broken through your limit to become an innate spirit, you still have to learn the ropes of your new rank. It will take you time to you achieve any significant improvement in skills," the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor advised Ricky.

"Should you give it your best, put in the effort and patiently take the time needed to nurture your gifts, then you'll have no problem competing against them."

"Sir, I understand your instructions," Ricky replied.

Meanwhile, Ray's face turned sour. Not only had Ricky cleverly declined his challenge, but he also humiliated the entire Luxurious Chamber of Commerce.

"What? Is that how you want to casually sidestep my challenge?" Ray nudg

didn't say I'd fight against you now, did I?" In response to Ray's angry outburst, Ricky just grinned.

"Or, do you think I am a fool who wants to take your challenge now? Three months from now, we can fight, but that's based on a premise that you are willing to wait. But in case you are in a hurry, that's none of my business."

"Damn it! You'll pay for this!" When Ray heard the retort, his anger reached its peak, and he was ready to attack Ricky right now.

However, Tonino, who was watching from a distance, stopped him.

It was allowed for them to have a verbal confrontation with the disciples from the Oriental College, but they could not fight them. That would turn the two camps against each other, which would be disastrous.

"Well, in three months, you will fight with Ray. No matter who wins or loses, the feud between us will be over," said Tonino.

"OK, then. Three months it is." Ricky agreed to Tonino's proposal, looking him straight in the eye.

After, Tonino left with Pearl and Ray. The other disciples also began to disperse, looking forward to the clash in three months.

Ricky also left shortly after.

But instead of returning to his own residence, the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor invited him to his palace.

As the vice dean of the Oriental College, the emperor had his own place for cultivation.

Only that the palace here was not lavishly furnished as the other palaces, since the emperor was more concerned with excellence in martial arts.

"Three months later, you will fight with Ray. What are your chances of winning?" he asked Ricky as soon as they entered the palace.

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