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   Chapter 516 A Fight Against Ray

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Ricky gathered his wings made of spiritual energy, the dense enlightening power and the four kinds of runes floating around him. Meanwhile, the four kinds of runes also worked to make the enlightening power stronger.

It was Ricky's own enlightening power though. From then on, he didn't need to refine enlightening power using his zones. He would be able to refine all enlightening power by himself.

Crack! Crack! Everyone could hear the sound of Ricky's bones moving inside his body as he gathered his wings.

Ricky had not been a mortal since he had made a breakthrough to be an innate spirit. His body changed a lot, and he could feel that his body was a few times stronger than it had been before.

Ricky felt that he had such strong power that he would be able to crush a mountain range with only one finger.

After the Thunderstroke Doom attack, all other creatures around him were hurt badly or nearly dead. Ricky was still at the top of his game, though. It was the difference between fighting against the Thunderstroke Doom attack and being forced to resist the Thunderstroke Doom attack.

'Father, master, I have already become an innate spirit, ' Ricky said to himself in his mind. 'I will go even further in the world of martial arts.'

With the endless power he had, Ricky had gained a lot of confidence.

He had thought that it would be very difficult for him to become an innate spirit before. It was like a very huge mountain that he couldn't climb up, but he had done it.

It took two years to make it possible for him. After all, he was a loser without power when he first started on the road of martial arts.

'Thank you, regained spiritual meridian! I didn't just regain my spiritual meridian reborn, but I also have been completely reborn.' Ricky fully appreciated the regained spiritual meridian that his Soul Sea had developed.

That was all because of him. It was due to his tireless effort, ambition, and so on, that he was able to develop the regained spiritual meridian to such extreme power.

If he hadn't regained his spiritual meridian, he wouldn't have succeeded. Maybe he would have stayed a loser for all time until he turned into dust, even if he worked hard.

His regained sp

ed people in the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce. Do they have three eyes? I don't totally understand."

Ricky also blinked his eyes twice as he observed Ray carefully.

At once, Ray turned grim and really wanted to kill Ricky.

"What a glib guy!"

"Ha-ha, thank you!" Ricky replied with a smile after hearing what he said.

Disciples around them began to speak. "Ricky really is an eloquent speaker."

"Huh, what an arrogant bastard! If you decide to argue with Ricky, you will definitely lose," Soar said with pride in his voice.

"Is young master really an eloquent speaker?" Yedda and Yolanda asked curiously when they heard what Soar had said.

"Of course! You will see that it's true when you get to know him after a long time," Soar said with a smile.

"Later, you will see that Ricky is worth respecting, and that he is a strong and amazing lover," Soar added with a snicker.

The two girls' faces turned red at once when they heard what Soar said. They were so shy that they wanted to find a place to hide from him.

"Humph! You make jokes way too often!" Madeline said in a cold voice as she glared at Soar.

"Madeline, would you like to be my girlfriend? I think you're beautiful and I would treat you well!"

Ray's murderous intent became much stronger at Ricky's reply. "You are an ace genius, aren't you? Next, I want to challenge you! You had better not refuse me!

Otherwise, your title as an ace genius will just become a big joke!" Ray said.

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