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   Chapter 515 Finally Reaching The Innate Level

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"That's the Regenerating Pill!" the warriors from the Jiang Clan exclaimed when they saw Ricky swallow a pill that looked like the Regenerating Pill. They were the first to recognize the pill, and their eyes widened in disbelief. "How can it be possible? That is an exceptional pill! It's exceptionally ancient and its formula is believed to have already been lost in time!" Some of the warriors rubbed their eyes, again and again, trying to see the pill more clearly as if it would help them believe what had just happened right in front of their eyes.

Once the initial commotion wore thin, greed was written all over their faces. This was a golden opportunity. If they could just snatch even one of those pills from Ricky, they might be able to figure out its formula and produce as many as they wanted. They thought that it would definitely bring enormous profits to the Jiang Clan.

But the warriors from the Jiang Clan were not the only ones who coveted the pill; those disciples who thought highly of Ricky had also begun to hatch their own plans of acquiring the pill from him. They just couldn't resist the temptation after they saw the legendary pill.

"Anyone who would take a Regenerating Pill would have the ability for instant recovery. How could this young man be in possession of such kind of a magic pill? It seems like he might have been lucky enough to have access to some secret place," the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor said with astonishment.

At the same time, he also breathed a sigh of relief knowing that Ricky returned to his peak form. With the help of the Regenerating Pill, Ricky could perform his best for at least the next two days. Given that situation, it looked like defeating those lightning warriors would be a piece of cake for him.

After taking the pill, Ricky immediately felt refreshed, like his batteries had just been recharged and he now had boundless power. With so much astonishment, he examined his body and found out that his first level of Ultimate Golden Body was giving off a green glow, a sign of bursting vitality. Without a doubt, the Regenerating Pill's healing ability was out of this world.

"What powerful energy it has!" Ricky couldn't help but murmur to himself. 'Now, I shall take this advantage and bring those lightning warriors down as quickly as possible. After I accomplish that, I will undoubtedly become an innate spirit. Come with your most powerful Thunderstroke Doom. Even with that, you wouldn't be able to stop me now!' Ricky thought with excitement, the desire to win running vigorously through his veins.

Now that it seemed like becoming an innate spirit was within his reach, he couldn't wait to win this fight and make the breakthrough.

"Power of Four Runes—Heaven Illuminating Fire!" After taking a deep breath, Ricky exclaimed from the depths of his heart. Then, his most powerful and sweeping attack thus far was launched.

An endless storm was created from within Ricky. Simultaneously, the power of his four kinds of runes erupted, threatening to cover the whole sky. Then, a surge of black flame suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It was none other than the Heaven Illuminating Fire.

"Your Thunderstroke Doom is meant to destroy me, huh? In that case, try my Heaven Illuminating Fire—the eternal flame that is born to burn everything in this world to ashes, including you!"

As soon as Ricky had done speaking, a furious roar resounded throughout the area.

In a heartbeat, all the remaining lightning warriors launched their thunder attacks. The thunderbolts that

son, the flame intrigued them a lot.

To be honest, they began to doubt whether the Heaven Illuminating Fire that Ricky used was merely an ordinary kind of holy fire at all. After all, no holy fire that existed could be this fierce and intense to the extent that it could even burn the most destructive thunderbolts.

"So this is the most powerful Thunderstroke Doom that you can generate? Sorry, it's only a stepping-stone for me on my road of martial arts!" Ricky suddenly exclaimed in a voice full of pride and unscrupulousness that resounded throughout the space.

After he had finished speaking, a golden flash sprang out of him. It then intertwined with the dragon of Heaven Illuminating Fire. Within a second, it looked like it was aiming for the remaining thunderbolts high in the air.

Right then, it was time for Ricky's killing spree. He was the predator instead of the prey right now. And those destructive thunderbolts who were mighty a few moments ago turned into the deserters under his attacks.

When the whole thing was finally coming to an end, and everyone else had finally come to their senses, they marveled at Ricky's ability. But on the inside, they were starting to fear him as well. This was no doubt the most overbearing and decisive way to survive a Thunderstroke Doom.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was unprecedented. Moreover, they were quite sure that no one could replicate what Ricky had done in the future.

At that moment, all of them were reconsidering their previous plans of taking any treasures from that young man. If a deadly strike like the most powerful Thunderstroke Doom would run from him like a dog with a tail tucked between its legs, could any of them inflict to him the slightest harm? Now, that sounded like the real joke.

It might not be the most accurate way to describe what happened, but there was no doubt that Ricky left quite an impression on them with that fight.

Soon, the Thunderstroke Doom had totally vanished, leaving Ricky, who had beaten it off. He had finally set his foot on the road to the top of an inner spirit and he could actually taste the sweetness of success in his mouth. It was a triumphant moment for this ace genius.

Floating in the middle of the air, Ricky folded his wings of spiritual energy. He then stood firmly with the power of his zones circling around him.

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