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   Chapter 514 The Most Powerful Thunderstroke Doom

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Meanwhile, right in mid-air, the destructive aura instantly ballooned. This threat then caused all the surviving ferocious beasts to retreat on their own accord and run for their lives.

Seeing the scene right in front of him, Ricky was out of words to describe how astonished he was at what he saw. By the second, his face went grimmer as he recognized that what he was seeing was the first sign of an impending Thunderstroke Doom, which had become more powerful than ever.

"Ricky, this may be the real Thunderstroke Doom that you've been waiting for. If you can bite the bullet and just tide over it, the doors to the world of martial arts will open up for you. On the contrary, if you can't ride through it, you'll be swallowed by the Thunderstroke Doom. If this happens, then eventually, all of your strength, wealth, and even your body will be destroyed," the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor told Ricky through telepathy.

"I understand, sir. But right now, you have to trust me that I have the solution and the determination to take up the challenge!" Ricky replied decisively and hastily as his blazing and piercing eyes looked directly at what was happening in mid-air.

Buzz! Buzz! At the moment, the massacring runes surged up and hundreds of rays of golden light suddenly shone upon Ricky. The next moment he knew, he was already enveloped with the first level of Ultimate Golden Body.

After 25 days of cultivation and refinement in the Enlightening Pond, Ricky's first level of Ultimate Golden Body became more stronger and more powerful than before.

"Isn't Ricky's cultivation method of golden body the one that he used to defeat Pearl? It must be his trump card," a lot of disciples asked one after the other the moment they saw Ricky's first level of Ultimate Golden Body.

Meanwhile, quite a few body refining disciples weren't able to help themselves as they began to look at his technique with such desire. Ricky's first level of Ultimate Golden Body was so unique and eye-catching that no one would be able to look away and not want it for themselves.

Hundreds of rays of colorful light shone upon all of them like blinding light as they saw Ricky wrapped around with the first level of Ultimate Golden Body.

"Wow! It really had such colorful light! How could this Thunderstroke Doom become so powerful and horrifying?" all the disciples roared in disbelief as they couldn't believe what they were seeing with their own eyes.

As it was known to all, the first sign of the most powerful Thunderstroke Doom was the blinding shine of hundreds of rays of very colorful light.

Meanwhile, the Thunderstroke Doom that was wrapped around Ricky's body had already radiated around five hundred rays of colorful light. From then on, it had already proved that Ricky's talent and power had become more powerful than before. Moreover, with the amount of power that he was carrying, he was deemed to be incomparable with the other living creatures on the planet. As a result, the supreme enlightenment of the world had cast the Thunderstroke Doom on Ricky.

"Wow, he really is an ace genius! Otherwise, the Thunderstroke Doom would not ap

y. Ten huge golden fingers appeared in mid-air. These golden fingers rapidly expanded and became exponentially bigger with each passing second.

Everywhere the golden fingers swept, lightning warriors were beaten to a pulp and died in an instant.

Seconds later, Ricky launched the devouring runes and the gale runes both at the same moment. Afterwards, he stroke out with his Massacring Golden Palm towards the lightning warriors. And as the Massacring Golden Palm hit the warriors, several had dropped dead on the ground.

Ricky was on a roll. And in just a few moments, nearly a thousand lightning warriors had already been killed by him.

All the disciples who patiently watched the battle were immensely astonished by what they saw and had their mouths agape in awe as they couldn't believe what they were seeing right in front of their eyes. Overwhelmed with a lot of emotions, the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor even had to rub his eyes with fists just to see the epic scene clearly. He even thought that he was dreaming!

But then, he suddenly realized with a relief that all his worries were unnecessary.

"Fuck! Is he still even human? What kind of a warrior is he? If there's any training that I could go through to get that powerful, then sign me up!" A few of the disciples weren't able to help themselves but involuntarily used the four-letter word.

"I guess that we have to redefine Ricky. He is not a human being anymore, but an abnormal demon!"

Running on empty after launching three consecutive runic powers, he was soon out of breath from all the exhaustion.

Suddenly, an idea rushed into his mind. Ricky fished out a pill from his pocket and swallowed it without any hesitation. And in a blink of an eye, Ricky recuperated all of his strength and was ready to battle it out once again.

The pill Ricky had swallowed was the Regenerating Pill. Now he had swallowed one pill, and there was only one left in his pocket.

"I wish I could tide over this most powerful Thunderstroke Doom before I swallow the last Regenerating Pill," Ricky said to himself in a low voice.

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