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   Chapter 513 Battle Against The Thunderstroke Doom

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On the 25th day, the whole secret land fell into a depression. The distant boom was heard by everyone. The destructive energy waves prevailed and surrounded all the disciples.

"What is going on?" someone exclaimed. All the disciples were at a loss after seeing the strange series of events unfold right in front of them. They scanned around as they tried to figure out what was happening.

"The smell and the destructive energy wave remind me of the Thunderstroke Doom," a disciple replied. He was innate spiritual king and had survived the Thunderstroke Doom before. Therefore, he was quite familiar with the omens of the Thunderstroke Doom before it even arrived.

"Innate Thunderstroke Doom!" In an instant, everyone's attention was shifted to Ricky once again.

"It seems that he is about to make a breakthrough into the innate level."

At this moment, the momentum on Ricky's body had already reached its limit. The runic power was raging with energy. Ricky could feel all the destructive energy waves coming to him and giving him strength.

"It would be a great surprise if he is able to make a breakthrough at this moment," the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor said briskly seeing what was happening.

The next moment, without any hesitation, the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor morphed the spiritual energy into a big hand and tried to grab Ricky. The space Ricky was in was then ripped apart as he was taken out of the secret land.

He couldn't take the risk of letting Ricky go through the Thunderstroke Doom there because he knew that it could lead the whole secret land to being bombarded until it was nothing but a wasteland. It also meant that the Enlightening Pond would be wasted despite the fact that the water served as some kind of foundation for the Oriental College.

The fact that there were numerous talents from the Oriental College was closely related to the Enlightening Pond.

"I'll take him to a spacious land where he can complete his breakthrough with the Thunderstroke Doom. You guys deal with whatever is happening here," the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor said before leaving.

"Consider it done, sir. You need not worry!"

"When he has made the breakthrough and reached the innate level, I'm sure that his cultivation speed will be much quicker than ever before. The competition between the two peerless geniuses from the Oriental College is about to start," said the disciples with a deep sigh as they saw the disappearing figure of the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor.

"If he weren't about to make a breakthrough and reach the innate level, do you think that he could still be capable of staying in the water of the Enlightening Pond for a period longer than 25 days?" Some doubtful words

ng way ahead of them. Otherwise, certain death was all that would come to them.

With the upcoming Thunderstroke Doom, you had to be brave or at least pretend to be fearless. Drowning in fear and hesitation would only bring you inevitable death.

Therefore, the situation left Ricky with no other options. He must go through the Thunderstroke Doom with everything that he had and without a hint of fear.

He employed the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula. The runic power rotated around him as he dashed towards the flock of ferocious beasts. He wielded his golden fists as his weapon.

Under the attack of the beasts were constant violent thunderclaps. Four different kinds of runes were rotating and protecting him from harm. The flames were burning furiously. His golden fists clenched into sharp claws.

The onlookers who were standing far away witnessed how he tore apart the beasts until they turned into dust. Ricky looked like a god of war as he advanced bravely and killed anybody who stood in his way until all his opponents were gone.

"It doesn't seem like he is suffering from the Thunderstroke Doom at all. It looks to me that he's fighting against it without much trouble," a long-faced male disciple said incredulously.

"Perhaps this is how a peerless genius deals with the Thunderstroke Doom. Jasper's experience was pretty much like this."

"But you shouldn't forget that fighting against the Thunderstroke Doom would only bring more of its wrath upon himself."

"This is way beyond our imagination and comprehension. Let us wait patiently and see how our peerless genius plans to go through this unprecedented Thunderstroke Doom."

Boom! Boooooom!

As those surprising voices were fading away, the destructive aura became even more intense. Without a doubt, the Thunderstroke Doom was growing much stronger.

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