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   Chapter 512 Breaking The Record

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'Oh, my God! I can't believe fifteen days have gone by!' All of the disciples shared this thought when they discovered that both Ricky and Soar didn't come out of the Enlightening Pond after fifteen days had passed.

They threw secret glances at Louie, eager to see the expression flickering on his face at that moment. Fifteen days ago, he was so certain and made a bold statement that Ricky and Soar wouldn't be able to stay in the Enlightening Pond for fifteen days, but he was proven wrong as both guys had evidently exceeded his expectations.

Sensing the attention directed to him, Louie cast his head low, feeling the hot rush of shame creep into him. Flustered and embarrassed, he avoided everyone's gazes and wished for the ground to open up and swallow him whole. He knew he was wrong and shouldn't have said those arrogant words.

The disciples around him let out a small smile. They found his reaction so amusing that they had to bite their lips to stifle the laughter building in their chest.

Once their laughter subsided, they turned their focus on Ricky and Soar and wondered about their outcome. Everyone wanted to know the same thing: Now that they had broken the fifteen-day record, what level could the two have reached in the end?

It was easy to think that Ricky definitely broke the record initially established by Jasper. He was strong and capable, and they had no doubts that he could keep staying in the Pond for at least twenty-one days or more.

They had no misgivings about Ricky. What they were more curious to find out was how long could Soar stay in the pond.

"I'm telling you that Soar can definitely stay in there for seventeen days," a warrior declared, his voice teeming with confidence.

"Just seventeen days? Soar is powerful and strong. I bet he can stay there for eighteen days!" a second voice added in a more confident tone.

"You are too confident about him! But I think he can only stay there for sixteen days," another voice rebutted. The water in the Enlightening Pond was good for improving a warrior's cultivation base, but there was a terrible risk. The longer a warrior would stay in the pond, the more and higher pain he would feel. In other words, if you wanted to acquire immense benefits in the pond, you must bear the corresponding increasing pain. Most of the warriors who tried had been forced to get out and escape as the pain increased to the point that they could no longer bear it. In fact, a warrior almost lost his life due to the tremendous pain. He would have died if he hadn't been saved in time.

As he listened to their debates, Louie clenched his fists and kept his mouth shut, finally learning from his mistake. He couldn't afford to lose face again by having another wrong prediction. He seemed deep in thought, thinking of possible ways he could use to kill Ricky and Soar so that he wouldn't have to be humiliated in public again.

"Sir, how long do you think Soar can stay in the Enlightening Pond?" the Skyward Sword Spiritual King and the Array-shattering Spiritual King asked slowly. Having heard the heated discussion of the warriors, they found themselves becoming a little curious about the answer.

"Soar is talented. Not only is he among the first-class geniuses, but he also ranks at the top. I believe he could stay there for eighteen days," the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor responded in a smooth and calm voice.

"Sir, as for Ricky, can you take a guess?" the two spiritual kings asked again, their faces brimming with curiosity.

"One speculation is

their telepathic connection receded, he began his cultivation in seclusion.

At that moment, Ricky reached the maximum limit as a demi-immortal. Every aspect of his strength that was related to martial arts, like his enlightening power and his physical strength, increased in power hundredfold. No demi-immortal before him had reached this kind of level in the past. With this kind of newly-gained strength, he really should make a breakthrough now.

Meanwhile, outside the pond, everyone's attention was on Ricky as they, with great expectations, hoped for him to break Jasper's record. The air was thick with pressure as their anticipation rose with every hour that passed.

Soon, twenty-one days passed by in a blur.

'Oh, my God! As expected! Ricky has broken Jasper's record!' all of the disciples waiting for him said inwardly as they saw no signs of Ricky coming out from the Enlightening Pond. They sucked in a deep breath, equal parts shocked and excited for such an achievement.

The Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor and the two spiritual kings were likewise thrilled. A wide stretch of a smile occupied their faces as they looked on, joy and pride dancing beneath their eyes.

Ricky did break Jasper's record! This was exactly what they had expected, and he did not disappoint every single one of them!

Now more than ever, they were eager to know Ricky's new record.

After being repeatedly thrown off-guard by Ricky's insurmountable achievements, they gradually became quiet. Yet, the moment they realized that Ricky didn't get out of the pond even after twenty-five days had gone by, they found it difficult to remain indifferent to such a high achievement.

One by one, incredulity and disbelief took over their minds as they began to question how it was possible for him to continuously endure the searing and numbing pain brought by the water in the pond. "Unbelievable! How is this possible? I can't believe he has stayed there for twenty-five days!" When they saw that Ricky remained unfazed and was likely to keep staying in the pond, more outbursts filled their minds.

Someone blurted out, arms flailing wildly, "Just how long is he going to stay in there?"

Bang! Bang! Just as all the warriors were swimming in shock and doubts, rolls of ear-splitting thunder tore throughout the secret land, hushing everyone into awed silence.

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