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   Chapter 510 The Enlightening Baptism

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"Ricky, I really want to know where you come from. How do you not know about the Enlightening Pond?" Madeline became very curious when she heard what Ricky had asked.

That was because every warrior and every creature knew about the Enlightening Pond.

Ricky instantly knew what her words meant. Embarrassed to the core, he muttered, "Well...Madeline, honestly, I am from a force from a very small land where the strongest warrior is just an upper spiritual king." Ricky sent this message using his internal power immediately.

"What? Aren't there any spiritual emperors in your force?" Madeline couldn't believe Ricky's words. She always assumed that Ricky was from a spiritual-emperor force at the very least.

Ricky was a peerless genius. His power forced Pearl to drop out of the selection. She thought to herself, 'If he didn't come from a spiritual-emperor force, how could he do it?'

But now, Madeline felt that she was wrong. Ricky had come a long way from his roots.

"Ha-ha, but now, I am a member of the Oriental College, which is a spiritual-emperor force." Ricky sent a message with a smile when he saw Madeline's shocked expression.

"Ricky, I am starting to admire you." Madeline felt speechless when she heard Ricky's words.

But, Ricky was right. He was a disciple of the Oriental College now. The Luxurious Chamber of Commerce couldn't attack Ricky in public. In addition, the Oriental College would also protect him from any attack from outsiders. After all, Ricky was an ace genius.

"The Enlightening Pond is formed naturally. The water in the Enlightening Pond is also created there itself and only appears in a spiritual-emperor force. The Enlightening Pond contains the purest enlightening power in the world, which can improve any creature's body.

In other words, if you enter the Enlightening Pond, your body will start changing instantly. You may think it is just another exaggerated tale, but it is the truth."

"The water in the Enlightening Pond can help us enhance ourselves? That's probably why these disciples are so excited now." Ricky was thrilled as he heard Madeline's words.

He wanted to make a breakthrough to be an innate spiritual king after leaving the battlefield of the Small World. Now, the water in the Enlightening Pond could help him do it. He was exhilarated.

"We will

eakthrough to be an innate spiritual king in order to cast spiritual weapons.

Time flew by. New disciples gathered together. The Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor and two spiritual kings led them to their next destination.

No one knew that the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor went with them because he only wanted to check on Ricky. He wanted to know how long Ricky, an ace genius, could stay in the Enlightening Pond.

Shortly after, the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor led them to a secret place of the Oriental College.

The secret place wasn't huge. But, they felt the dense enlightening power as soon as they entered. The enlightening power was blowing all over.

They looked carefully and found a massive pond right in the center of the secret place.

The pond was grey and the water was thick, like oil. It contained the dense enlightening power.

They also felt the supreme enlightenment of the world here, held by this space.

"Is that the Enlightening Pond?" many disciples asked excitedly, looking at this gigantic pond.

Ricky couldn't wait to enter the pond. He knew he would be able to improve his strength here.

"This is the Enlightening Pond! You only get one free chance to enter it, so you can stay in it as long as you can. After that, you will have to spend ten thousand gold coins a day the next time," the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor said calmly with a smile.

"Wow! Ten thousand gold coins a day!" All disciples were shocked with his words. Ricky wanted to make the best out of this opportunity.

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