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   Chapter 508 Pearl Was Eliminated

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When Ricky stared at Pearl, his fierce eyes clouded with ominous hatred.

Out of dignity, Ricky would never harm a woman. But Pearl was an exception. Her callous heart, conceit and preference for violence were not something a sensible man would put up with. Now looking at her, he wished her dead with any scruples.

'If it were not for my survival skills, Soar, the three women and I would have died here.' thought Ricky.

He was seething with anger.

But Pearl knew he would let her off the hook, once his temper cooled down. Right now, she was feigning an indifferent attitude.

Besides, she knew that the spiritual emperors at the Oriental College would intervene and restrain Ricky if he lost his temper.

'Is he really gonna kill her?' all warriors and spiritual king beasts around wondered, sensing the intense hatred and anger from Ricky.

There was no doubt he could defeat Pearl. But he could not kill her since she was the daughter of a spiritual emperor.

In fact, both of them were related to spiritual emperors. But these emperors had similar strengths. If Ricky killed Pearl, he would face the wrath of her father.

His friends would also get involved in. So he couldn't just kill her without considering anything.

"Sir, will Ricky really kill Pearl?" In particular, the Skyward Sword Spiritual King and the Array-shattering Spiritual King were uneasy.

If Pearl died, the spiritual emperor of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce would not take it lying down. In retaliation, he would cause trouble to not only Ricky but also the entire Oriental College.

"I guess he knows what he's doing," the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor observed.

He was ready to end the selection, if Ricky was really going to kill Pearl.


"Ricky, you have to forgive Pearl, despite her gross misconduct. At least, for the moment. Please don't be

n!" Several minutes later, many warriors and spiritual king beats gave Ricky a thumbs-up.

They truly admired him now, not only for his strength, but also for his courage.

He beat the arrogant Pearl; the spiritual emperor of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce might not get angry because of this. But knocking her out of the selection was another story.

As a precaution, Ricky needed to keep an eye of the demi-spiritual emperor of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce. Or else the demi-spiritual emperor might attack him stealthily.

"Did he really think that Pearl had no access to the Oriental College after her failure in the selection?" the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor sighed.

"To be honest, sir, I like this boy pretty much." The Skyward Sword Spiritual King smiled.

"I'm afraid that you should protect him secretly. His actions disgraced the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce. I guess the demi-spiritual emperor will take actions," the Array-shattering Spiritual King said.

"Well, as you see, his talent makes me have no other choice!"


"Well! Ricky, enduring should have been the better choice for you. Your actions may cost you a great deal." The Oriental Emperor sighed because of Ricky's unexpected actions.

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