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   Chapter 507 The Power Of The Golden Body

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The glowing golden body was ten feet in height and wreathed in golden lights. It came down from the sky to land lightly on the ground like a golden god of war, perfectly demonstrating the presence of its power, strength, and invincibility.

The golden body made the other warriors finally understand that such true power was actually intangible.

What made them even more astounded, was that Ricky was inside the golden body. It was the first level of Ultimate Golden Body.

They also noticed that Ricky had emerged unscathed, except a few rips on his robes.

''How could this happen? He should have been killed.'' As the scene unfolded before their eyes, their voices trembled and they were in a state of disbelief. ''What's that? Is the golden body some kind of cultivation method?''

''Ricky!'' Soar shouted excitedly. Madeline, Yedda, and Yolanda were also thrilled by Ricky's appearance.

Even the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor was shocked by it.

'The golden body is such an amazing technique! Could it be that it is the evolution of his body refining method?' he wondered silently to himself.

''It seems that the true ace up his sleeve is this golden body, sir!'' the two spiritual kings said in unison.

Upon seeing that Ricky was intact and under the protection of golden body, Pearl eyes grew even more furious. Her eyes were like burning coals of malice.

''Why won't you just die quietly?'' Pearl cursed at Ricky in a hoarse and cold voice.

''I didn't mean to pick a fight with you, but your ruthless behavior really offended me. You deserve to be beaten by me, ''

Ricky said in a cold voice as he crawled out of the crater.

Meanwhile, he looked over his golden body and released the massacring runes. When he activated the devouring runes, an icy covering was formed on the golden body to defend the Gloomy Enlightenment and Dark Enlightenment.

After successfully refining the egg of the holy beast, Ricky had finally cultivated the first level of the Ultimate Golden Body to its initial state.

There were nine levels of the Ultimate Golden Body. With each advancement to a higher level, its power also increased exponentially. Each level had four forms—initial state, minor achievement

ontinually surprised them with his talent, and then he finally defeated Pearl.

Pearl was also a genius, but her power lagged far behind Ricky's power. Not to mention that she was a member of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce, and possessed countless cultivating resources.

In the Oriental Realm, the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce seemed to be at peace with the Oriental College. They often cooperated with each other on many matters. However, they all knew that if two men ride on a horse, one must ride behind.


Ricky launched another punch and was able to completely defeat Pearl. She fell heavily onto the ground, blood gushing from her mouth.

Then, he withdrew his golden body, and seized Pearl by the collar of her shirt. He lifted her up after that. Meanwhile, he pinned Pearl's arms behind her back to make sure she could not resist.

Ricky grinned as he enjoyed Pearl being at his mercy.

Pearl was still not afraid of Ricky at all, because she knew that he dared not do any real harm to her. Her eyes were filled with hatred and repulsion as she looked at him. She tried in vain to escape from the hold that Ricky had her in.

Upon seeing that she couldn't escape, all the spectators were shocked. They had never expected that Pearl, who had the blood power of a spiritual emperor and was renowned as the top warrior in their generation, could end up being beaten in such a humiliating way by anyone.

''Woman, I'm going to teach you how to be humble.''

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