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   Chapter 506 Feminine Mutant—The True Might Of The Dark Power

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Updated: 2019-11-11 14:02

'As a demi-immortal who ever challenged a first-class lower spiritual king, Ricky will definitely be a miracle of the Oriental Realm!' all the spectators exclaimed inwardly while they continued to watch the figure encircled with runes.

At that moment, even Bernard and Louie could not help but question themselves and their abilities.

After they heard that Ricky was a peerless genius, they were surprised at first. But before long, they became disdainful. In their perspectives, it should have taken him much more time to improve and make progress even for a peerless genius. But they were wrong. Within such a short period of time, Ricky had reached such a level that it would be nearly impossible for them to catch up to him.

"Ricky, you're really getting on my nerves right now!" Pearl cried out so loudly that everyone in the whole arena could hear her without difficulty. Her black pupils were retracted and her voice sounded like a demon rising from the darkness.

Out of rage, Pearl managed to mix the Gloomy Enlightenment with her Dark Enlightenment.

Subsequently, Pearl's terrifying but simultaneously beautiful and regal face changed once again.

First, a black mark appeared in between her eyebrows. Then, two black marks appeared on both sides of her eyes. At last, her red lips turned into black.

At that moment, Pearl looked exactly like the queen of all devils.

Meanwhile, the Dark Enlightenment and the Gloomy Enlightenment permeating all over her whole body became even stronger. The color of the sky seemed to change with it, casing a dark haze all over the area, making it even more unbearable and intimidating.

"What's that?" All the warriors and spiritual king beasts were shocked once again after they saw Pearl's new appearance.

"Is this the Feminine Mutant?" asked the Skyward Sword Spiritual King and Array-shattering Spiritual King with astonishment as they were watching outside the Small World.

"You're absolutely right! The Feminine Mutant is a powerful mutant that is comparable with those mighty blood powers in the Middle Land. If this woman can survive this match, she will likely play an outstanding role in the Middle Land," the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor said.

"Although she is no match for a peerless genius, she would be able to compete with any first-class genius with her Feminine Mutant."

"It seems like the Luxurious Emperor really has a great junior!" the two spiritual kings exclaimed. "However, we are more interested to know how our ace genius would handle this situation."

So far, the warriors and spiritual king beasts in the Small World had also figured out the change that Pearl had just gone through. "This must be the so-called Feminine Mutant!" they exclaimed. They weren't completely unaware of it tho

f he has, he can at most be of the same power as Pearl who has broken out her Feminine Mutant, ' the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor thought to himself.

Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Louie started to laugh discreetly. He then quietly growled in his heart, 'This is exactly what I've expected to happen. A peerless genius? Go to hell!' He was actually the only one who was thinking this way among everyone in the arena.


After beating Soar and the others away from where Ricky was, Pearl felt that it still wasn't enough for her to pacify the rage inside of her heart. She continued to strike at Ricky who was still lying inside the deep hole.

She had told Ricky to be her servant so many times. However, Ricky did nothing but resist her. For Pearl, he was such an arrogant and stubborn person that she couldn't stand him. The whole thing made her extremely furious.

From the moment she was born until that moment, she had never become this enraged. Nobody dared to refuse her, except Ricky. So even tearing Ricky into pieces could not take away the fury in her heart.

After lashing for a dozen more times, Pearl finally felt a little tired. Thus, she decided to stop beating Ricky. As for the deep hole, it was in a total mess with dust flying out everywhere and a smoke cloud was obstructing the spectator's view.

'What a pity! Such a peerless genius who had just risen not long ago was killed this way. He really died miserably!' exclaimed quite a few warriors internally at the mere sight of what happened.

"What a vicious woman! How could you lash at me for so long? You sadistic person! Are you insane?" Just at that moment, a roaring furious voice rang through the area.

Clank! Golden lights spread out of the deep hole, sweeping all the million dust bits floating away. Then a giant golden figure slowly rose from the hole.

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