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   Chapter 503 Powerful Dark Power

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7374

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No sooner had Soar finished talking than the whole area darkened, a hellish storm sweeping over and threatening to suck all life from the place. In that foreboding moment, Pearl appeared in front of Soar with her black hair dancing in the wind.

In a flash, she struck at Soar. Her tender yet surprisingly powerful hand emitting an extreme amount of enlightening power.

"Dragon Battle Technique—Dragon's Punch!" To withstand her attack, Soar had to use his best move. In this do-or-die moment, it called for the strongest response.

"Icy Sword!" Side by side, with Soar, Madeline also made her move. In defense, she struck out with her sword strike formed by Ice Enlightenment.

She could sense that Pearl was way too strong for her, maybe even for Soar.

The next moment, a massive blast rent the air as they connected with their moves. But even in their concerted effort, Soar and Madeline were only able to withstand Pearl's power for a brief moment.

Debris and dust filled the air, throwing both Soar and Madeline several meters back. But Pearl was set back only a few steps—a clear sign she was much more superior than both of them.

Also, Soar's and Madeline's enlightening powers had faded a great deal in the process due to Pearl's Dark Enlightenment.

By comparison, Soar was still okay. Thanks to his Heaven Melting Fire, to a reasonable extent, he had neutralized the attack. But Madeline was worse off, as she had used up most of her power in fighting back.

Both Soar and Madeline exchanged a look, solemnity and frustration written in their eyes.

The warriors around them were all shocked, especially Bernard and a couple of other geniuses.

They knew that Pearl was powerful, but not this much formidable. Now, it dawned on them that they had underrated her.

Their reactions gradually changed from shock to strong admiration. For some men, the admiration morphed into lust.

A woman like this was worth fighting for, and most men here would do anything they possibly could to win her love.

"Master, I have long heard of the dark power used by the young master of the Luxurious Chamber of Commerce. But I didn't know how extraordinary the power was, until now. What

Soar's power had shot up.

"Madeline, stay back. At your level, you're no match for the dark power," Soar cautioned Madeline.

Madeline had no objection. With the force of a spiritual weapon, the surge in Soar's power was more than enough to handle the situation. As for her, it was doubtful if, at all, she could hold a candle to Pearl.

So it would be for the best to stand down for now.

"Let's fight! Dragon's Spear!"

The Heaven-splitting Spear appeared from Soar's Heaven Melting Pagoda—an absolute thunderbolt of a strike.

However, none of it seemed to shake Pear in the least.

Instead, she flipped one hand, calling forth a black whip, accompanied by intense dark power that formed a wave that tumbled towards Soar.

In the next moment, their attacks connected, sparking off roaring thunder, rampage, and dark clouds of dust. Once again, they were at an impasse.

This time, Soar lasted longer. But his Heaven Melting Fire was no match for Pearl's Dark Enlightenment.

Once again, Soar backed down.

'I can't. The dark power is proving too strong. I might end up losing, even with the help of the Heaven Melting Pagoda and Heaven Melting Fire, ' Soar thought to himself.

To add to his worries, Alva seemed not to be putting in as much effort in support.

"Since there is still a no-show of Ricky, then I am putting you down for good!" Pearl said coldly. At this moment, she already lost her patience.

"I assume it is my turn now!"

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