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   Chapter 502 The Dark Power

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The entire area was filled with ferocious roars made by the two giant beasts. Their battle was one without the use of rules or skills. They fought with each other in the most barbaric way, tearing and biting with their enlightening powers.

Boom! Boom! As the two beasts struggled and writhed around on the ground, many mountains were pulverized into dusts by the powerful impact of their bodies. While fighting with Bernard, Soar intentionally avoided approaching the place where Ricky was cultivating his power in seclusion.

Bernard's most powerful weapons were his sharp claws and the huge fangs that lined his mouth. Soar had the impregnable body of a Great Dragon, so no beast of the same level was able to do harm to his body.

Bernard was no exception. His attacks were only able to leave some shallow scratches on Soar's scales.

Soar was defended by the Heaven Melting Fire, so Bernard tried in vain to attack Soar with his Ruin Holy Fire.

''Soar has such a powerful body! Bernard can't even break through his defense.'' The surrounding warriors and spiritual king beasts commented about the scene.

''Who the hell is Soar anyway? I have never seen any creature from the snake tribe that looked quite like that.''

''There are so many creatures possessing the blood power of the Great Dragon in the world. It's no wonder that we cannot recognize him.''


Bernard couldn't really do any serious damage to Soar. Soar was able to constantly tear Bernard's body apart with his bloody mouth and robust tail though.

What was worse was that considering the Ruin Holy Fire was no match for the Heaven Melting Fire, Bernard was at his wits' end and was bound to lose the fight.

After realizing what his odds were, Bernard immediately decided to transform into human form and run away from the battlefield.

Seeing that Bernard was trying to retreat, Soar gave up on hunting him down. He knew that he could not kill Bernard even if he was able to overwhelm him.

Meanwhile, he also had a feeling that he was being stared by someone else who had a murderous intent.

''It turns out you were just boasting about teaching me a lesson. You cannot even break through my defenses, '' Soar taunted, hovering in the sky as smug as a ruling king.

In that moment, he had also detected wh

ed as the strong gale blew through it. The world around her was pitch dark. Her eyes also became pure black and there seemed to be a dark and terrible fire burning in them.

Pearl suddenly transformed from just a cruel lady to a powerful demon before their eyes.

All the warriors around were frightened and trembled at the scene.

''She has the dark power!'' Seeing the unique power that was released by Pearl, Soar immediately recognized it and said what it was in a low voice.

Such dark power was extreme rare over all the continents in their world. Even in the domain of devils, the dark power was something seldom seen. Creatures that cultivated such dark power could challenge opponents of higher levels, even if they did not have powerful talent or blood power.

It was because the dark power ranked among the top when it came to all kinds of powers in the heaven and earth.

Heaven and earth were first formed by some sort of primitive power, which then split into the powers of dark and light.

In other words, the dark power was secondary to the primitive power and only the light power was able to compete with its strength.

Pearl had higher cultivation level than Soar, and also possessed the blood power of a spiritual emperor on top of that. Soar knew that he was no match for her.

Solely judging by the momentum released by Pearl, he felt threatened by her. Soar's expression turned grim. He realized that Pearl was even more powerful than he expected.

''Go to hell!'' Pearl immediately launched her attack.

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