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   Chapter 501 Fire Snake Versus Ruin Leopard

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Bang! The next moment, there was a crushing sound. The Ruin Spiritual Rod and the Heaven-splitting Spear collided hard with each other. Sparks flew in all directions like stars at a moonless night. At the speed of lightening, the turbulent waves gushed forward and engulfed the space.

As the fiery sparks were flying around, the two fighters started to tighten their fists and exchange blows. The Ruin Spiritual Rod was waved skillfully. The rod emanated some energy and cast shadows which emitted the strongest and sharpest vitality, all wrapped by the Ruin Holy Fire. Anything or anybody hit by the rod would be defeated immediately.

Meanwhile, the Heaven-splitting Spear was burning brightly as if it had borrowed power from the sun itself. Whenever the spear was in action, it surrounded everything as if it was supported by some violent strength. It intended to break everything on its path, relentless!

Each engagement occurred in a flash. The two fighters had wielded their power to the full. In the midair, numerous shadows were exchanging blows while trying to defend themselves.

Behind those shadows, the space had been smashed to pieces. More than that, those shattered space pieces were tainted with ocher color. These pieces seemed to have been burnt.

Due to this, those broken pieces of space wouldn't return to their normal condition until a long time later.

"This is an incredibly fierce collision; I don't believe that we could survive their attacks if we had entered into combat with any of them!" commented those warriors and the spiritual king beasts, shocked.

"The gap between us and those geniuses is huge; we are inferior to them in terms of cultivation speed and fighting skills."

"You have made the point!"

Indeed, they had great admiration and respect for those two fighters, sincerely, without revealing a trace of envy. Anyway, being jealous of those geniuses would only send them to hell with both a broken heart and mind.

However, Louie was extremely jealous.

Undoubtedly, Soar and Bernard were much better than himself in terms of strength and fighting skills.

He clenched his fist tight. So much so that his fingernails dug deep into his palms, and blood was oozing out of his cuts.

"Soar and Bernard, don't be proud; one

e air, and all the spiritual king beasts felt uncomfortable, especially the beasts of weaker blood power started to feel sick.

'So overwhelming is this blood power. Does the dragon aura mean that he has the blood power of the Great Dragon in his body?' all the spiritual kings thought to themselves while staring at Soar's real body, dumbfounded.

"This snake may be related to the Great Dragon race by blood. However, since I have never seen such a unique sake, I can't tell which tribe the fire snake belongs to," uttered the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor outside the Small World.

"Sir, after all this is done, you can ask him. He surely will answer your question," the Skyward Sword Spiritual King and the Array-shattering Spiritual King replied.


At this moment, the attention once again diverted to Soar.

With his eyes wide open, Bernard had never looked so dignified before. Deep in his heart and soul, he was actually shuddering with terror.

"How could it even be possible? Does he already have thirty percent of the Great Dragon's blood power running through his veins?" Bernard said to himself, incredulously.

Being suppressed by such overwhelming blood power, his strength would be weakened.

However, in spite of the suppression by the blood power, he couldn't admit defeat.

Thus, at the very next moment, the two fighters looked at each other, eye to eye, before the two beasts bit at each other. A deadly combat between the fire snake and the Ruin Leopard had just started.

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