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   Chapter 500 The Ruin Holy Fire

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"Did anyone tell you that you have bad breath, filthy beast? Why don't you just keep your mouth shut?" Bernard said in a calm voice with hints of sarcasm. He didn't seem very emotional at Soar's provocative words, but he showed his anger by releasing more power of ruin into the air. The energy surrounded him at an ever faster speed as it all waited to burst out.

"Oh, really? I didn't know about that at all. What? You want to help me keep my mouth shut?" Soar replied as he grinned cheekily. "Welcome! But still, we've got to see if you can really make it or not." Soar teased Bernard even more by pretending to doubt him.

"You know, that so-called genius of yours from the Bing Clan was really a disappointment. How sad, he had made more of an impression with his mouth than his feet. If you're another one of this kind of genius, then you'd better prepare yourself for imminent death. Because this time, I'm going to kill you," Soar said as his voice became low and sharp.

"You mean Louie? No, no, no. Don't you dare put me on the same level as him. I can kill him with a single strike if I want to," Bernard answered with disdain in his eyes. Now it was clearer that he was an arrogant man who thought too highly of himself. He despised Soar, which was why he wasn't enraged by his joke. But apart from that, he couldn't see the value of Louie, who could presently be called his ally in public.

Hearing Bernard's words, the warriors and the spiritual king beasts surrounding them suddenly remembered the defeated warrior from Bing Clan as they all looked towards his direction. Louie was struggling to get to his feet after the eyes fell on him to see how embarrassed the famous genius was now.

As expected, Louie's face couldn't be sourer now that not only his enemy but also his allies were looking down upon him. There was burning hatred in his eyes, and the ridicule he received from those two had, without a doubt, added fuel to his fire. If looks could kill, Bernard and Soar would have already died a thousand times!

But Louie knew that there was not much he could do now. So he tried to calm himself down a bit as he held back his anger and the harsh words he wanted to spit out.

To be honest, he already knew that Bernard was superior to him in terms of strength. As for Soar, he couldn't deny that he was stronger since he had won just now. So Louie knew very well that he would only make another joke out of himself if he tried to attack again.

Or worse, he could end up losing his enlightening mark and become disqualified from the selection.

'Revenge is a dish that is best served cold. We should wait and see, Soar and Bernard. Soon, you both will have to come to me with your knees bent as you lick my toes, ' Louie roared with rage inwardly.

He felt utterly humiliated, but his only option was to bear with it at the moment.

On the other hand, Pearl remained composed as she saw what was happening. She was shocked by how powerful Soar was, but she wasn't worried by it. She waited. It was Ricky who she wanted to bring down. If her puppets couldn't make it as she wished, she would have to do it herself.

"Ha-ha! That is very well said, dude. Now let's see in what way exactly could a genius from the Ruin Leopard tribe be better than the one from the Bing Clan," Soar said

ank God this guy has yet to fully master the skill. Otherwise, my Heaven Melting Fire would be no match for it," Soar said to himself after breathing a sigh of relief. The information other warriors provided when they were talking about the skill had really helped him analyze the situation more carefully.

Soar had tried Ricky's Ruin Fire himself, so he knew very well how desperate it could be when your life was being sucked out and you were being thrown into a hopeless pit of despair. In this respect, the Ruin Holy Fire was left in the dust.

Swish! Just then, Bernard turned his palm up after concentrating his mind. In a flash, a yellow long rod appeared in his hand. The rod was also covered in a cloud of Ruin Enlightenment.

"This rod was forged with my blood essence. I call it the Ruin Spiritual Rod. Together, it will work with my Ruin Holy Fire and open the gate of ruin and death," Bernard declared as he stared at Soar. His fighting spirit rose rapidly as he prepared for a fight.

"The gate of ruin and death? You really are an ambitious man, aren't you? But please don't boast or you might end up embarrassing yourself," Soar said with an arrogant smile. As he spoke, he commanded the Heaven Melting Fire to wrap around his Heaven-splitting Spear and pointed it at Bernard's nose.

"This is my Heaven-splitting Spear, with which I have built a strong connection. If I wish, it can help me tear the heavens into bits and pieces!" Soar announced. Now it seemed that he would like to see who was the more ambitious one, himself or Bernard.

After shouting out their determinations, both of them experienced a huge momentum boost until their bodies could no longer hold back their overwhelming energies.

All of a sudden, both of their fires shot high into the air! In an instant, the Ruin Holy Fire and the Heaven Melting Fire rushed out at the same time like two furious dragons going against each other. As the two kinds of fires met, sparks flew out like arrows and shock waves lashed out, causing warriors around them to fall on their knees.

Amidst the dazzling light and heat waves, two figures charged. It was Soar and Bernard, whose weapons met violently to begin the battle.

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