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   Chapter 495 Flee By The Spiritual Weapon

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"Well, that would depend on your real skill," Ricky replied calmly upon hearing Keith's confident response. Obviously, Keith only said that because at that moment, he was sure that he could dodge and escape Ricky and Soar's combined attacks. Meanwhile, Ricky exchanged glances with Soar. He reminded him to be extra careful in dealing with their opponent. Since he was so confident in his strength and power, it could be true that he might actually have some secret skills hiding up his sleeve.

After all, Keith was the young master of the Golden Rhino tribe. He should have a reserved and untouched trump card. Apart from his power and his seemingly alarming confidence, he was also a rare genius. And that was why Ricky and Soar knew that they should never underestimate him in any way.

Earlier, Ricky had already killed the young master of the Heaven Palace like a piece of cake. But this was only because the latter's Cloud Mutant was too held back by the former's Gale Zone. But Ricky knew very well knew that this would not be the case when it came to Keith.

The next moment, Ricky and Soar surrounded Keith and drove him to a corner.

"Listen, I know what we should do. Soar, let's go all out on him and kill him. Never should we give him any chance to even plot an escape. I have this strong hunch that he could be a lot harder to deal with than the young master of the Heaven Palace. If we let him escape now, we would surely be chased by a lot of trouble in the future!" Ricky whispered to Soar by using telepathy.

"Okay then! I will hold nothing back as I burst out my real dragon power to thoroughly crush him!" Soar responded in the same way.

"All right! Just try your best and don't worry about the consequences. After all, we're favored by the spiritual emperor of this Small World, and he might be able to back us up anytime!" Ricky replied.

He dared to let Soar break out of his real dragon power all because he knew that the Oriental Emperor thought highly of him and appreciated his talent. Moreover, if the Oriental Emperor saw that Soar was a Great Dragon, he would only pay more attention to him.

Of course, Ricky already had suspected that the Oriental Emperor was not able to see through Soar's real identity. His real identity as a Great Dragon was very intensely concealed that even a strong warrior like Doris couldn't find out such a fact. Moreover, this was also another reason why Ricky made Soar burst out his real dragon power.

"Ricky, it feels like the one who sent me a telepathic message before is the emperor you just mentioned," Soar responded.

Soon after, Soar suddenly broke out and showed his fierce dragon power. And in an instant, the atmosphere was filled with the momentum of a Great Dragon.

"What did just happen? How is this even possible? What kind of creature are you? My bloodline! Why is my bloodline being suppressed? What's happening? How could this be?!" Keith hissed as he felt the strong oppressive momentum coming from Soar. Confused and shocked, he was not able to explain what was happening to his body. But at the back of his mind, he just knew that Soar had something to do with it.

During his previous battle, Keith was at a slight disadvantage due to the suppression of this kind of special bloodline from

in Soar's hand buzzed twice to protest as if it had heard what Ricky just said. Actually, Soar's spear was also a spiritual weapon with its own psychic intelligence. But right after Soar had it refined and controlled, its psychic intelligence became even stronger. This in turn made it able to understand Ricky's words to a certain extent. Thus, when Ricky said it was unable to deal with Keith' specialized spiritual weapon, it became terribly unhappy.

"Ha-ha!" Ricky and Soar laughed as both of them were beyond amused by the scene right in front of them.

"Hum?" Soar, with a strange look in his eyes, got confused as he and Ricky descended from the air.

"Wait, what happened?" Ricky asked.

"Madeline is coming!" Soar replied with a smile.

"Well! In that case, maybe she just wanted to come here to tell us something important?" Ricky wondered with curiosity. Earlier, they both had asked Madeline to hide in the dark to avoid the risk of being exposed. And with this reason, they'd better not meet with her.


Just as when Ricky had already finished speaking, a black figure appeared out of the blue which then rushed quickly to their side. The figure turned out to be that of a very slender woman clad in a tight-fitting dress which outlined her figure that was near perfection. She looked wild and charming both at the same time as her face sparkled with brightness and valiance.

And this attractive lady was no other than Madeline.

"Ricky, Soar!" Madeline said in a respectful tone.

"Hey, Madeline, you look very anxious. What happened?" Ricky asked.

At that moment, Madeline panted heavily. Apparently she was in a great hurry to find her way to them.

"Yes, something happened, a big one, in fact. And this is very likely to threaten both of your lives. So, this was of great urgency and I did not bother to use telepathy. You both need to hear this straight from me. That's why I rushed here without a stop," Madeline said seriously, which ended with a nod.

It could be clearly seen that great concern flooded her eyes.

"What big event?" Ricky and Soar asked urgently at the same time upon hearing the immense seriousness in Madeline's tone.

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