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   Chapter 494 The Fall Of The Young Master

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The young master's attack became futile into thin air as his Cloud Storm was shattered, completely destroyed by the enlightening windstorm reinforced by the three runic powers.

"The Cloud Mutant that you're so proud of having is nothing but a joke to me!" Ricky exclaimed with much contempt in his voice. He swooped down towards the young master with a pair of wings behind him which were formed by his spiritual energy.

"That can't be right! That is beyond impossible! How can my Cloud Storm lose to yours?" The young master panicked once again.

"You surely are an arrogant and stupid prick. Even up to now, you still don't have a single clue how I beat you, am I right? It looks like you're not living up to your name!" Ricky sneered.

He then began to assemble his power yet again so that he could finish off the young master once and for all.

When he heard what Ricky had just said, the young master immediately grew ferocious. He then cried out, "I'll acknowledge that you're strong, but if there's someone who's going to beat you, that would be no one but me!"

"You have no idea what you're talking about!" Ricky responded as soon as the young master had finished speaking.

Without any further exchanges of words, Ricky's pupils transformed into white mist as the gale runes appeared above the enlightening windstorm.

Like a snake, the gale runes then encircled the mist that came from the young master. When it had fully enclosed the mist, it began to shrink, pushing back the mist of the young master.

Before long, under the power of the gale runes, the young master transformed back into his original form.

"What is going on? What the hell is going on?" For the first time in his life, the young master was in grave despair as he shouted in frustration and fear. All he could do then was look at the back of his palms as he continued to circle around himself. He had almost lost his mind.

The power of his Cloud Mutant was no longer under his control which could explain why he was transforming back to his original body of flesh.

Meanwhile, outside of the Small World, discussions were happening among the seniors.

"This is just what I had thought. The white runes that Ricky unleashed are the bane to the Cloud Mutant. This would ultimately enable Ricky to defeat his opponent despite his lack of strength!" the Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor said to both the Skyward Sword Spiritual King and the Array-shattering Spiritual King by using his internal power for telepathy. Before everything had taken place, the emperor had already perceived what was most likely to come out of the match.

"He demonstrated four runes. Is he also a genius at casting?" The two spiritual k

h enlightening power slashed through his neck. As blood quickly started to spill from his throat, the young master was gone for good within just a few minutes.

The two girls let out a breath of relief the moment that they were sure of the young master's death. They could finally move forward from this situation and start a new life and journey.

Ricky then took the storage ring and the enlightening mark from the young master after which he used his spiritual energy to refill the crater. It was also to bury the young master.

Ricky then glared at Keith who was still in a heated battle with Soar.

Keith instantly felt the daggers of look that Ricky was giving him. He could not help but feel startled. Then, he turned to look at the view below and instantly grew solemn.

Keith naturally knew the strength and limits of the young master. He could not understand how he transformed back to his normal body in such a short time. He could no longer deny the fact that Ricky was way beyond his level.

Keith was someone who would know when it was time to withdraw. The current situation looked nothing but a loss to him. He decided to retreat without further hesitation.

"Do you really think that you can come and go as you wish? You have to ask my friend first," Ricky said in a loud voice. If anyone heard what he had just said, there was no denying that it was full of murderous intent.

"Now that you're here already, you have to leave something behind," Soar earnestly said as his power surged once again, permeating the entire area.

When Keith heard what Ricky and Soar had just said, with so much of confidence in his voice, he slowly exclaimed, "I have to give it to the two of you. Indeed, you're both very powerful, but even the two of you combined are not powerful enough to stop me!"

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