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   Chapter 493 The Awe-inspiring Enlightening Windstorm

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"Smashing Blade Attack—Smashing Land Strike!"

As Ricky roared aloud and stroke his palms violently, the gale runes spread across the sky.

The space around Ricky rent into fragments!

In the twinkling of an eye, the boundless gale runes inundated the young master's fan-shaped mist blades and made them defenseless.

Everywhere the Smashing Land Strike went, all the fan-shaped mist blades were crushed.

However, the young master was a lower spiritual king at the ultimate second-class level. Combining his powerful combat capacity and extraordinary talents, he launched a ground offensive against Ricky's strike.

Though, the young master looked weary and disheveled, finding himself in an embarrassing situation.

This time, the young master found himself on the defensive and overpowered.

Not because the young master's strength was weaker than that of Ricky, but because his Cloud Mutant was no match for by Ricky's Gale Zone. It was like a mouse challenging a cat to fight. No matter how hard the young master tried, he could not pose any threat at all.

"I can't believe it! How can this bastard have become so powerful?" the young master snarled as he beat a hasty retreat, his eyes popping wide with alarm.

It had been just about ten days since they had met. How could Ricky make such rapid progress in such a short time?

You know, just about ten days ago, he could beat Ricky with just a snap of a finger. Now, the tables had turned.

Of course, the young master had no idea about the gale runes.

Ignorantly, he had deluded himself into thinking his Cloud Mutant would make short work of Ricky's gale runes.

"Master, we know that Ricky has gained great power, but in reality, he is not quite the young master's equal. As such, it's odd how Ricky got the upper hand here. It beats logic how the tables have turned," the Skyward Sword Spiritual King and the Array-shattering Spiritual King asked, communicating through their telepathic link. They were totally confused.


Cloud Enlightenment—Cloud Storm!" the young master snarled, launching his most powerful strike.

The boundless cloud enlightenment swept over them, quickly escalating into a violent storm, fused with the innate spiritual energy.

In the storm, the space around Ricky broke into fragments.

"It's just your storm. Now please savor the taste of my storm!" Ricky said menacingly.

He put out his right hand and activated his Enlightening Wind Holes. Instantly the Enlightening Wind Holes appeared in mid-air.

The holes got bigger and bigger, sucking in the wind power in the process. Slowly, the enlightening windstorm formed.

"Forward! Enlightening windstorm. Destroy his Cloud Storm!" Ricky roared aloud and stroke his palms.

Quickly, he released a massive storm.

The two windstorms collided with each other. The space around Ricky and the young master broke into fragments.

The boundless shock-waves exploded violently.

Ricky saw the devouring runes, the chaotic fire runes and the massacring runes spread into the air, making the windstorms even more terrifying.

With the aid of the three runic powers, the enlightening windstorm got the upper hand.

After seconds of stand-off, it finally crushed the cloud storm with a deafening blast. Seconds later, all that remained of the cloud storm were tiny fragments.

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