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   Chapter 492 The Misty Mutant

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"How can this be possible? What happened to Ricky inside the space rift? How could he have the power of a second-class lower spiritual king while he is only a demi-immortal? This is something that even Jasper was not able to achieve at that age." The disciples who were outside the Small World found it extremely hard to believe.

"Master, it seems that you are right. There must be something of great value in there." Both the Skyward Sword Spiritual King and the Array-shattering Spiritual King were excited as they exchanged opinions telepathically.

"However, I would never have thought that he is a peerless genius at the second level!" The Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor weighed in as he was filled with admiration.

He was as equally excited as the Skyward Sword Spiritual King and the Array-shattering Spiritual King.

The more talent Ricky displayed, the more promising the future of the Oriental College would be. The Heavenly Ape Demi-spiritual Emperor dedicated his entire life to the development of the Oriental College. How could he not be excited with the opportunity of having a peerless genius like Ricky enrolled in his college?

"Soar, you can now stop worrying about me and fight with your full strength," Ricky said to Soar telepathically, clenching his fists tightly, as his eyes beamed with confidence. A strong will to fight that was burning inside of him now filled the entire area around him.

"Ha-ha! I am very glad to see that you have gained such great strength now! It means I have nothing to worry about. Sit tight and see me subdue this stupid cow. After everything, we shall have our barbecue with it!" Soar laughed as he heard Ricky's words.

He then shot a look of contempt at Keith to antagonize him even further.

Roar! Keith was so furious hearing Soar's word that the aura coming out of him just reached a critical point. His incarnation of Golden Rhino was much more vivid now as it roared out of the empathy of Keith's fury.

"You asked for it." As the growl from the Golden Rhino came again, Keith launched his attack.

Vast golden spiritual energy fused with the enlightening power covered the vicinity around Keith. In an instant, the space in the entire area shattered as they resonated with

confidently at his opponent.

The way the young master saw it, it was nothing but pure contempt and arrogance.

So without saying a single word, he unleashed his most powerful move and aimed it towards Ricky.

"Misty Mutant—Fan of Nothingness!" he shouted as mist started to gather in an instant and morphed into blades that slowly formed into the shape of a fan.

Zap! Fan-shaped blades poured down like rainstorms on top of Ricky.

Ricky was not unsettled, not even one bit. He smiled lightly as he fetched the Iron Destroyer from his Chaotic Fire Zone. His eyes began to shine as white fog began to form and the gale runes began to appear all over his entire body.

"How could you have the gale power?" The young master of the Heaven Palace was surprised by what he saw.

He knew that Ricky had already possessed the golden power and the fire power. He also had the gale power that he just demonstrated, so it meant that Ricky was now in possession of three elemental powers.

The young master could not help but feel extremely jealous of Ricky.

'Die! You must die!' he shouted in his mind.

Strong Cloud Enlightenment once again burst out of him as it filled into the fan-shaped blades around him to amplify the power of his attack.

Ricky jumped high into the air. Covered with the gale runes, he also launched his attack.

He did not have the chance to learn some Omnipotent Skills from the Gale Zone which meant that he could only use the force of the Gale Zone directly.

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