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   Chapter 491 Keith Jin

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'It seems that Soar has been followed by some people that are harboring malicious intent. How could he be so careless?' Ricky thought to himself, but he was not worried about it at all. Now that they had been followed, the only choice left for them was to wait for their stalkers to show up and fight against them.

"Ricky, it seems that the mysterious voice has made a good point. You are indeed safe and sound!" After seeing Ricky land on the ground, Soar excitedly spoke to him through their telepathic link.

At the same time, Soar had noticed the existence of Yedda and Yolanda. He knew that they were the pair of sisters who had served the young master of the Heaven Palace.

"Later, I'll explain the reason as to why these sisters are with me now. Actually, I noticed that you are being followed. Our priority right now should be to deal with the people that are following you," Ricky replied.

"What? How can that be possible? I had no idea that I was being followed!" Upon hearing what Ricky said, Soar suddenly cried out in disbelief.

"Alva, why didn't you sense what was going on around me?" Soar asked Alva.

"Master Soar, this is the Small World that the spiritual emperor made, so it must be the spiritual emperor who sent messages to you through the telepathic link before. If I meddled in the situation around you, the spiritual emperor would definitely be able to sense my existence, making things tricky for us," Alva immediately answered.

"Well, that sounds somewhat reasonable. I will forgive your negligence this time," Soar said to Alva in a calm and reassuring tone.

"If you didn't sense the existence of people following us, then I'm afraid that they are using some secret method to hide their energy from us." Ricky gave his best guess as to what could be happening to Soar.

In the next moment, Ricky and Soar looked around. Soon, two figures landed in front of them from up in the air.

One of them was the young master of the Heaven Palace, and the other was a burly young man in a golden robe. He was of a stocky and imposing build; even though he was just standing there without saying a word, he somehow was greatly intimidating to Ricky and Soar.

There were even two short golden horns on the young man's forehead. Obviously, the young man was a spiritual king beast. Perhaps he purposely left those two golden horns on when he morphed into a human form. He must have intended to leave others with an unforgettable impression of him by having an awe-inspiring appearance.

"Hey, you bitches, I'm surprised that you aren't dead yet! Why don't you hurry up and get over here? Do you want me to drag you over here myself? You two are really shameless women!" Seeing that Yedda and Yolanda were beside Ricky, the young master of the Heaven Palace spoke to them in a harsh voice.

"I am utterly surprised that you, a useless waste, is still alive!" the young master said to Ricky in surprise, after he saw that Ricky was completely unscathed after he had come back from the enlightening passage.

"Bah!" After hearing their young master's contemptuous words, the two sisters showed a strong and murderous intent in t

olden fist collided with the palm strike, and two bursts of energy instantly shot out. The strong anti-shock force swept over Ricky and the young master at the same time; then both of them quickly stepped back.

At that point, the young master moved three steps back and Ricky moved ten steps back.

Although Ricky was at a slight disadvantage, the skirmish still proved that Ricky had enough power to fight against the young master, and that he would not be completely crushed by him.

"How can this be possible?" Feeling that the power coming from Ricky's fist was no less than his own power, the young master spoke with great astonishment in his voice. It was not long ago that they had last met each other. How could Ricky get so much more powerful in such a short time?

Besides, in the past couple of days, he had also refined an enlightening vortex. That was something that had greatly increased his strength.

'Is it really possible that he has got some secret on how to improve his strength quickly in the space rift?' the young master thought to himself, with great jealousy shining in his eyes.

Soar was also shocked by the scene. He didn't even expect that Ricky would be able to improve so fast.

Yedda and Yolanda were also startled. They were even more curious about what Ricky had learned when he was in the far recesses of the space rift.

Keith Jin was also a little dumbfounded; even a peerless genius should not have the strength of a second-class lower spiritual king when he still was just a demi-immortal warrior. Even Jasper had not managed to promote his strength at such an amazing speed when he had tried.

"I have refined the enlightening vortex condensed within the enlightening source. I have also coupled it with the spiritual emperor's personal guidance, so the effect is really more than I ever expected! It's only been a short span of more than ten days. I can hardly believe that my combat power has actually risen to this point." Even Ricky was incredulous of his power at that point. He was shocked by his awesome power and the flying speed of his promotion.

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