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   Chapter 490 The Sisters

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"Sir, all my improvement in cultivation is due to your kind guidance. Thank you for your mercy and help!" Ricky expressed his sincere appreciation to the Oriental Emperor. He hadn't expected that the space rift that he was dragged in would actually turn out to be a gift from the Oriental Emperor, the dean of the Oriental College.

"I did offer some guidance to you, but you have to understand that your improvement is actually due to your own efforts!" the Oriental Emperor said kindly. "Since you have gained the opportunity in this place, you should begin to refine an enlightening vortex next."

After a pause, he continued, "Although your strength has improved by a lot, it is still far inferior to those second-class lower spiritual kings.

If such a peerless genius as you were eliminated from this competition, it would be a huge loss for our Oriental College.

Judging from the time it took you to gain that the opportunity here, you seem to be more talented than Jasper. Therefore, I have to offer you some guidance since I don't want our Oriental College to lose a peerless genius like you."

"Sir, I am so flattered!" Hearing the Oriental Emperor praise him, Ricky was kind of embarrassed even though he was thick-skinned. He was very happy that he was so appreciated by the dean.

"Sir, excuse me, but may I ask how long it took Jasper to get the same opportunity here?" Ricky asked him in curiosity. Jasper, a well-known peerless genius, had stirred up curiosity and competitive desire in Ricky.

"I gave you both a month. Jasper only took seven days to get the opportunity, while you only took four days. You got it three days ahead of him, and you even managed to destroy the inner demon that haunted you," the Oriental Emperor said.

'So, I was really three days faster than him?!' Ricky thought to himself, becoming a little excited about his progress.

Ricky couldn't be more aware of the reason for it. He was faster than Jasper, which was mostly because he had the regained spiritual meridian and all the zones. Although he was excited, he would not become too cocky about that.

Both he and Jasper were peerless geniuses. The gap between them was definitely not too huge. The one who became too confident in himself would eventually lag behind the other by a great distance in the long run.

Immediately, Ricky jumped out of the enlightening windstorm. As soon as he jumped out, he felt that the power in the enlightening windstorm had increased rapidly. Obviously, the Oriental Emperor had been helping him suppress part of the power in the enlightening windstorm when he was inside.

"With your current cultivation base, you can refine an enlightening vortex. After you decide to leave this space, you can also win others' enlightening marks. Those two things should be enough for y

e must keep our virginity before we can fully master the cultivation method," Yedda replied.

"After we succeed in the cultivation of such a method, whichever man wins our virginity will be rewarded with one-third of our strength without having any bad side-effects.

That is also the reason that the young master of the Heaven Palace didn't touch us. He was just waiting until we had grasped the method."

"I see! So, it was all due to the Double-virgin Fusion Cultivation Method!" Ricky finally got to learn the truth.

"Young master, from today on, we will work very hard to grasp the Double-virgin Fusion Cultivation Method, and strive to give up our strength to you as soon as possible," the two women told him at once as they both appeared excited and shy.

"Well..." Ricky started to say, but he was too embarrassed to continue.

He never wanted to have the power of the two sisters. He especially didn't want to be the one to make them lose their virginity. He found it hard to accept such an odd thing.

Ricky did not explain anything he was thinking though. Instead, he shifted the topic, saying quickly, "Well, we were stuck in the space rift for almost half a month. We definitely need to learn what the situation on the battlefield is like right now."

In the next second, the three were about to go to the center of the battlefield.

Boom! Boom! At that very moment, they heard a cloud of flames burst out again near them. A huge grin suddenly spread across Ricky's face. Without a second's thought, Ricky knew it was Soar that was shooting out those flames.

The smile soon slipped off his face and he grew serious again though.

Ricky's spiritual sense could scan a larger and wider area around him because of the gains he had made in the Gale Zone. When he detected that Soar was nearby, he also detected that someone he hated was also nearby.

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