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   Chapter 489 The Gale Zone

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''So, what's your plan, Ricky? Didn't you mention that you were heading for the Phoenix tribe?'' the Oriental Emperor replied.

''But what can I do about it? My powers are just too weak right now.'' Ricky shook his head in frustration.

''Don't forget that you are a peerless genius. Just because you can't do it now doesn't mean you can't do it in the future. If you really want to bring your master back, you must not miss her all the time. Don't let your feelings and affection for her hinder your cultivation. Instead, you must convert your undying desire for her into your motivation to become stronger.

The way I see it, only in this way would you able to flourish with your craft in the martial arts.

But all that I can hear now is your complaining. I think I know what's happening. You are both blaming yourself and the Phoenix tribe for taking your master away, ''

the Oriental Emperor added. ''But you have to understand that true justice never exists in this world, Ricky. Only you, yourself, can earn both justice and respect.''

Ricky again sank into deep thoughts upon hearing what the Oriental Emperor had just said.

''You'd better think about it carefully. Would you rather complain about your situation than do something about it? Just think about your master. What kind of person would she want you to become?

Otherwise, that demi-spiritual emperor will be your ultimate verge despite the fact that you are a peerless genius. And your master might marry someone else, just like the one you've seen in your hallucination.''

Upon saying his last piece, the Oriental Emperor stopped with his persuasion. To him, he had already done everything that he could to help Ricky.

If Ricky were a true peerless genius, then he would surely be able to come around his decision. Otherwise, the Oriental Emperor could not do anything else but take a deep sigh for the loss of a peerless genius like Ricky.

Meanwhile, Ricky fell into complete silence for the next two days.

A day had passed and he opened his eyes once again. He looked different. Even his momentum was different this time as his eyes were clear and confident, much like a flower that had just blossomed.

With this astonishing bloom, he had finally found his true self. He had a very calm and peaceful exterior this time around, along with the abundance of energy ins

tly grew stronger after absorbing the power of the devouring rune.

Ricky then thought from his observation that the power of this devouring enlightening windstorm might actually equal that of a second-class lower spiritual king.

Without further ado, Ricky then exerted the gale rune from the Gale Zone to merge with the devouring enlightening windstorm.

Strengthened by the gale rune, the devouring enlightening windstorm became so powerful that it could echo with the giant enlightening windstorm.

The windstorm was so powerful that the space inside it was almost torn up.

This could only mean one thing, and this experiment just confirmed his hypothesis.

This meant that he did not have the full understanding of the gale rune after all. He would need to gain a better understanding of it. Only in this way would the power of the windstorm be greatly strengthened.

He now understood that the Gale Zone could strengthen the power of wind. On the other hand, the enlightening power greatly helped him with his cultivation. By now, the Enlightening Wind Hole could be deemed as one of Ricky's most powerful aces.

At this moment, Ricky was beyond thrilled as he stared at the Enlightening Wind Holes in his palms.

''Congratulations to you, Ricky. You have not only conquered your inner demons, but also achieved a satisfying opportunity.'' The Oriental Emperor's words rang up in his ears.

On the other hand, the Oriental Emperor was very curious about Ricky's runes. But as an esteemed warrior, he chose to just respect what Ricky kept as a secret.

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