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   Chapter 488 The Heart

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Ricky jumped into the enlightening windstorm as his eyes shone with joy and excitement.

He had the same feeling when was in the gravitational windstorm. A kind of mysterious strength felt like it was trying to tear his whole body into pieces. In the enlightening windstorm, there was enlightening power gathered by a spiritual emperor, which was something much stronger.

Fortunately, the enlightening windstorm was controlled by the Oriental Emperor. He knew the exact amount of pain that Ricky could bear.

Ricky also knew the rules of the strength that governed the enlightening windstorm.

A short amount of time later, Ricky became accustomed to that rule of strength. He was able to walk into the enlightening windstorm without spending much effort.

Ricky sat cross-legged and tried to find an opportunity to increase his power through concentration.

'The Wind Hole includes a gravitational windstorm. The windstorm combines gravity with the storm to attack enemies, and it could cause great destruction, ' Ricky thought silently to himself.

'Now, the enlightening windstorm combines enlightenment with storm. Maybe I can gain the opportunity to form a storm as strong as the gravitational windstorm in the Wind Hole.

The enlightening windstorm is different from the gravitational windstorm though. I can only have and use a little bit of the gravitational windstorm in the Wind Hole. The power of gravity won't increase as my strength increases, because I don't know a lot about gravity.

When I become a spiritual king, my enlightening power will increase continuously. The power of the enlightening windstorm in the Wind Hole will increase as well because of that. I can gain endless power for my enlightening windstorm because I know a lot about enlightening.

These two Wind Holes in my palms should be called Enlightening Wind Holes instead of just Wind Holes.'

Ricky was clear that it was the best opportunity he could find there.

Next, he would study the enlightening windstorm and find out how to gather enlightening windstorm power for his W

t, Ricky kept silent.

He wasn't mad at the Oriental Emperor. Instead, he was considering what he had said.

Suddenly, he realized that he hadn't calmed down at all since Grace was taken away by the Phoenix tribe. It seemed like he had changed into another man and became irritable and merciless.

Though he could usually be kind to warriors who didn't want to kill him, he was merciless toward his enemies lately and couldn't wait to kill them at once.

He wouldn't have attacked the young master of the Golden Leopard Valley first in the past. In that moment, he couldn't wait to kill him as soon as possible.

Ricky had to admit that, if he came out of the Small World, he would spare no effort to find the young master of the Heaven Palace and kill him.

He didn't have his inner peace anymore.

"I have an invisible inner demon again," Ricky murmured with a confused look coming over his face.

His first inner demon was Nate. By now, Nate and Gilbert had been dead for a long time. He thought that he wouldn't have such an invisible inner demon again, but he was absolutely wrong.

"Sir, what can I do? I can't forget Grace. I swore that I would go to the Phoenix tribe someday and bring her back. No one can take her away from me again after I get her back."

Ricky asked the Oriental Emperor for advice in the next moment. His eyes were filled with confusion.

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